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David Brauer DBA

David Brauer DBA

Director of the WVU Sales Institute


304-293-7801david.brauer@mail.wvu.edu3120Reynolds Hall


David Brauer DBA

Director of the WVU Sales Institute

Head Coach of the WVU Sales Team


David earned his Doctorate in Business Administration at Durham University Business School (UK). His thesis is about consumer choice in an industry with many competitors. The study helps organizations understand the role of authenticity and its relationship to competitive advantages and niche width through the viewpoint of consumer behavior theory. David has a unique ability to disseminate very complex topics to a mixed audience allowing them all to understand and be able to contribute. He is known for envisioning new creative methods to handle issues. His current start-up Priority Bridge LLC is focused on providing a bias-free hiring and cultural fit assessments to companies in the United States, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, and  the United Kingdom currently.

David has global experience with insurance organizations, retail businesses, institutions of higher education, non-profits and financial services firms. He has;

*Created and developed an implementation plan, changing a core strategy for a mid-western American higher educational institution.

*Is creating a sustainable income program for a health care institution in Haiti that will result in increasing arable land, increased water supplies and the improvement of the health of the population in that region.

*Originated the concept of a “Value Based Revolution” for organizations, including publications and presentations at national symposiums.

*Created business plans including market analysis, branding, trademarks, mission statement development and employee selection for start-up organizations.

*Analyzed and solved a performance issue for an insurance company, and developed a group sales approach which helped the organization to increase sales.

David is married with two young sons. He has served on the board of a youth home, his local church and is currently Vice-President on the Board of Haiti Friends. His undergraduate work concentrated on political science and human resource management.


Doctorate in Business Administration at Durham University Business School (UK).

Recent Publications

  1. Brauer, David B. & Sroufe, Robert. (2020), “ Quantifying the Order of Priorities in Student Choice of Graduate Business Schools, Does Sustainability  Matter?”,  Journal of Management for Global Sustainability, 8(2).
  2. Brauer, David B. & Rudd, Denis. (2019), “Identifying the magnitude of priorities in consumer preference of hotel choice”, Journal of Management and Marketing Research, Vol 23: 1-12.
  3. Brauer, David F. & Brauer, David B. (2014), “The Role of the Narrative in Values-Led Business,” The Journal of Values-Based Leadership, 8(2): 32-47.
  4. Brauer, David B. (2011), “Implementing a Successful Sustainability Strategy,” The Journal of Values-Based Leadership, 4(2): 59-70.
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