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Jiwoo Ryou, Ph.D.

Jiwoo Ryou, Ph.D.

Associate Professor


304-293-7858jiwoo.ryou@mail.wvu.edu5005Reynolds Hall


Jiwoo Ryou, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

PhD Program Coordinator


Jiwoo Ryou is an associate professor of accounting at the Chambers College of Business and Economics.His primary research interest includes Investment, Disclosure, Patent, Product Market Dynamic, and Credit Default Swaps. His research has appeared in The Accounting Review, Contemporary Accounting Research, European Accounting Review, Accounting Horizons, Journal of Corporate Finance, and Journal of Banking & Finance. Professor Ryou teaches financial accounting courses and Archival Accounting Research seminar.  


PhD in Business Administration with a focus in Accounting from the University of Memphis and his MS in Accounting from Oklahoma State University.

Honors Awards

He was awarded the European Financial Management Association Best Paper Award in 2017 and the Best Paper Award from the 7th World Business Ethics Forum in 2019. Also, He was received the College Award of Distinction Research in 2022.

Recent Publications

Ryou, J.W. with Griffin, P.A. and Hong, H.A., 2022. Proprietary costs: Why do R&D-active firms choose single-lender financing? The Accounting Review Forthcoming

Ryou, J.W. with Hong, H.A., and Srivastava, A. 2022. Financial Statement Comparability and Corporate Tax Strategy. European Accounting Review Forthcoming

Ryou, J.W., Tsang, A. and Wang, K.T., 2022. Product market competition and voluntary corporate social responsibility disclosures. Contemporary Accounting Research 39(2): 1215-1259

[Winner of the 7th World Business Ethics Forum Best Paper Award, 2019]

Ryou, J.W. with Hong, H.A., and Srivastava, A. 2021. Lender Monitoring and the Efficacy of Managerial Risk-Taking Incentives. The Accounting Review 96(4): 315-339

[Winner of the European Financial Management Association Best Paper Award, 2017]

Ryou, J.W. with Chen, Z., Hong, H.A., Kim. J.B. 2021. Information Processing Costs and Corporate Tax Aggressiveness: Evidence from the SEC's XBRL Mandate. Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 40(2): 1068822

Ryou, J.W. with Griffin, P.A., Hong, H.A., Liu. Y. 2021. The dark side of CEO social capital: Evidence from real earnings management and future operating performance. Journal of Corporate Finance 68: 101920

Ryou, J.W. with Kim, I., and Yang, Y. 2020. The Color of Shareholders' Money: Institutional Shareholders' Political Values and Corporate Environmental Disclosure. Journal of Corporate Finance 64: 101704

Ryou, J.W. with Brook, M., Stephanie, H., and Njoroge, P. 2020. Does the Presence of Highly Compensated General Counsel Affect Audit Quality and Auditor Retention?. Accounting Horizons 34 (3): 39-59

Ryou, J.W. with Hong, H.A. and Lobo, G.J. 2019. Financial Market Development and Firm Investment in Tax Avoidance: Evidence from Credit Default Swap Market. Journal of Banking & Finance 107: 105608 Ryou, J.W. with Griffin, P.A. and Hong, H.A. 2018. Corporate innovative efficiency: Evidence of effects on credit ratings. Journal of Corporate Finance 51: 352-373.

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