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MBA Advisory Council

The MBA Advisory Council serves in an advisory capacity to the Dean of the Chambers College of Business and Economics at West Virginia University with the intent of providing the best available advice and counsel for the continuing development of the Chambers MBA program's academic quality and reputation.

Membership of the MBA Advisory Council is constituted to carry out the mission and objectives of the MBA Advisory Council.  Our advisors represent a diverse cross-section of the business community.  Diversity considerations include, but are not limited to, industry representation (high tech, banking, finance, supply chain, healthcare, manufacturing, labor, hospitality, accounting, etc.), geography, gender, experience, ethnicity, and community/not-for-profit interests.

The Chambers College MBA Advisory Council contributes to building the excellence of the Master of Business Administration degree by lending their expertise to strategizing about degree composition, providing networking and superlative student connections, providing depth in terms of business acumen as well as guiding students toward a deeper learning through their combined decades of experience in the business environment.  Our actively engaged Board enjoy partnering with our students as they transition to the workforce.