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Our new Organizational Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations program is the perfect fit for students wanting to pursue their love of nonprofit-leadership and evolve it into a meaningful career. Students will gain real-world experience from a hands-on curriculum and be able to intern in over 25 states and 10 countries.

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The Organizational Leadership major provides the skills and knowledge for business students to become leaders in the nonprofit, public or private sectors. In today’s fast-paced worlds, many students and young professionals strive to make a difference in their communities and around the world. The organizational leadership major at WVU incorporates youth leadership development, allowing students to train to become leaders right now while they are still the midst of their education, which will transition well into their future careers.

Drawing on the diverse background of faculty, staff and community partners, students will dive into the ethical dimensions of leadership and learn business acumen and executive leadership skills. The program will introduce students to effective method to handle conflict and negotiations and how to foster and lead organizational change. The future leaders will also put their knowledge into action inside and outside of the classroom through hands-on, experiential learning activities and projects.