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Undergraduate Admission Requirements

Download the Freshman & Sophomore Admissions Checklist

New policy for entering freshmen:

For current WVU students, new transfer students, and international students:

All students entering the College of Business and Economics who do not qualify for direct admission to a major as freshmen will declare their major once prerequisites have been met with the minimum required GPA for that major.

International students who do not have an ACT or SAT score will be admitted to CLASS until the appropriate level of Math is reached.

Admission Requirements for Majors

Students must meet the following requirements in order to take upper-level courses within their declared major:

A competitive GPA greater than 2.5 may be required for some majors.

* All prospective students must apply for admission to West Virginia University. For information on how to apply visit

Graduate Degree Admissions

Admission requirements for graduate degrees differ from program to program. Please visit the respective graduate degree pages for admissions information.