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Student Profile:
Niko Stilianoudakis


Niko Stilianoudakis

Niko Stilianoudakis always knew Economics was the right program for him. Now a senior honors student who is also double majoring in Mathematics, he is building his portfolio quickly.

In Spring 2018, Niko was the president of the Consulting Club, where he worked on three projects including the development of Mylan Park, the plans of the Morgantown Museum, and the restructuring and marketing of WVU Health Sciences. 

Fast forward to now. He is taking 400-level courses while finding time to get as involved as possible, both at the benefit of the professors he is working with and the students he is helping.

Teaming up with one other classmate, Niko works with WVU’s Bureau of Business and Economic Research to retrieve and format data. He is learning about the complications and solutions in economics that arise throughout the state. 

“The BBER is a great department as it educates each area of West Virginia on its current situation and projected future situation. I think this is very important, as each region in West Virginia can be drastically different, and each has its own potential strengths and weaknesses.”

Niko has a lot of passion about majoring in both economics and mathematics. He teaches the students who see him the process and logic of the problems and curves rather than just the problems themselves.

“It is incredibly rewarding to have the students come back to me every week and see their progress. I love seeing that light bulb flash above their head when a concept clicks for them.”

Before graduating, Niko is planning on researching interest rate changes and how they affect stock market prices and bond prices, creating an economic model for his capstone project. He plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Economics and wants to then find a job in government or academia to continue to give back.