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Data Driven WV

Data Driven WV connects organizations, including business, non-profits and government entities, with WVU students and faculty to provide data-driven, technical insights and solutions. We are bridging the skills gap in our West Virginia communities through service-oriented outreach, community projects and subject matter expertise in cybersecurity and data analytics, in partnership with WVU’s Management Information Systems, Business Data Analytics and Business Cybersecurity Management programs.

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Who We Are

Data Driven WV is an outreach center within the Department of Management Information Systems. Our network of experiential learners consists of purpose-driven WVU undergraduate and graduate students from various fields of study. Under the guidance of WVU faculty and staff, these experiential learners work with our partners to produce data driven solutions to real-world problems.

Our Vision

Fueled by analytical and technical skills taught at the WVU John Chambers College of Business and Economics, Data Driven WV advances the prosperity and economic health of West Virginia and its people through targeted outreach, education, and research.

Our Story

Data Driven WV was founded in 2019 by Business Data Analytics students with the aim of using the knowledge they gained at WVU to bridge the skills gap in West Virginia through service-oriented data analytics. This aim has guided DDWV as it has expanded to coordinate experiential learning projects, advise the state on data related matters, and provide on-demand analytic and technical services to organizations of all sizes.

Our Partners


Our Team

What We Do

Data Driven WV is closing the skills gap by providing a learning space to grow the next generation of data scientists, cybersecurity, and analytics professionals. We partner with industry leaders who share a common goal of bridging the digital divide. Through student capstones, employment, and extracurricular experiences, DDWV helps students acquire real-world experience that prepares them for their future careers.

West Virginia University is a proud R1 research university and Data Driven WV supports the academic and research efforts of the B&E faculty. We partner and collaborate with colleagues of varying expertise across WVU to work on leading research projects.

In addition to supporting the John Chambers College of Business and Economics, Data Driven West Virginia collaborates with faculty and students from other departments and colleges on projects of varying sizes and scopes to promote its mission throughout the state.


Data Driven WV’s partners provide real-world projects for WVU students to solve under the guidance of skilled WVU faculty and staff. These projects allow students to gain experience that prepares them for their careers and give partners on-demand access to the analytical and technical abilities taught at the John Chambers College of Business and Economics

Graduate Capstone Projects

Graduate students in the M.S. Business Data Analytics and  M.S. Business Cyber Security Management complete experiential learning projects as part of their course work throughout the late-spring and summer.

Extracurricular Projects

Student workers, volunteers and independent study students from various fields of study complete experiential learning projects year-round.

Faculty Research Projects

Faculty and staff participate in sponsored research and development projects following the guidelines set by the  WVU Office of Sponsored Programs.



Data Driven WV provides students with real-world data analytics and cybersecurity experience to enhance their education and build a more competitive resume. Using projects from organizations across the state and region, students solve problems under the mentorship of alumni, faculty and staff. These projects allow students to:

  • Hone their skills with real-world applications.
  • Interact regularly with industry contacts.
  • Learn tools and technologies outside of their curriculum.
  • Gain skills employers are looking for.


No matter the scope of the project, Data Driven WV welcomes the opportunity to engage with community partners and create data-driven solutions. Organizations who partner with Data Driven WV will:

  • Give students exposure to real-world problems.
  • Introduce students to topics and tools that may fall outside their curriculum.
  • Network with students looking for new opportunities in their career.
  • Gain solutions to advanced business challenges.


Alumni of MIS programs have the opportunity to engage with Data Driven WV in a variety of ways:

  • Project Mentorship – meet regularly or ad hoc with student teams to help guide project outcomes.
  • TechTalk Presenter – host a workshop or speak with students about your area of expertise.
  • Career Mentorship – help students with resume review, technical interview preparation, and networking.
  • Program Sponsorship – bring DDWV problems from your current organization for our students to help solve.


We welcome faculty from across WVU to work on projects with us. Opportunities for engagement include:

  • Project Mentorship – meet regularly with student teams and client contacts to help guide project outcomes.
  • Contract/Research Subject Matter Expert – serve as SME for contract and research opportunities in partnership with external organizations.
  • Research Support – hire a student and or technical staff support for funded research.
  • Cloud Analytics Faculty Fellowship – Develop curated classroom experiences to expose students to working with NOAA datasets associated with NODD initiative and cloud service providers to catalyze innovation and problem solving.

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