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Data Driven WV

The West Virginia University John Chambers College of Business and Economics is piloting Data Driven WV in partnership with WesBanco. Thanks to WesBanco and their generous donation, they’re supporting the technology infrastructure and resources to provide our students with the opportunity to apply their data analytic skills.


Data Driven WV supports the state of West Virginia in advancing its causes, communities and corporate efforts through providing data-driven technical insights and analytic solutions.


Powered by analytical insights, Data Driven WV will support the prosperity and health of the state's economy and its people through targeted outreach, education and research. Data Driven WV will also provide a learning “lab” space to grow the next generation of data scientists and analytics professionals to continue contributions to society.

Using projects from organizations across the state and region, student teams will be assembled to solve problems using data analytics. These student teams may be comprised of students from the following academic programs:

  • Current M.S. in Business Data Analytics students
  • Current undergraduate minor in Business Data Analytics students
  • MBA students
  • Students from other disciplines on a case-by-case basis based on project scope and faculty referrals

Each team will also have 1-2 M.S. in Business Data Analytics alumni serving as project mentors, who will have professional experience to further support the project. Furthermore, all projects will be managed by Business Data Analytics faculty and staff.

Data Driven WV is being piloted beginning Fall 2019 with an expected launch date in Spring 2020. Please contact us at with any questions. 


Data Driven WV recognizes that organizations of diverse sizes and industries can benefit from our student support. No matter the scope of the project, we are happy to evaluate projects that would positively impact our state and students. We ask that interested organizations submit a project proposal by April 1st or October 1st of each year to allow adequate time to review projects and determine fit with resources. Projects submitted after these deadlines will be pursued on a case-by-case basis. We do not guarantee that projects submitted by the priority deadline will be pursued by Data Driven WV.

Data Driven WV is not a fee-for-service model; however, we will solicit donations at the conclusion of the project, based on team performance and outcomes, to help fund our initiative and ensure its sustainability. We will work with organizations in advance of a project to predetermine grant or donation funding if an organization’s project is likely to span multiple semesters or years. Data Driven WV is restricted to using open-source tools or technologies being used in business data analytics curriculum due to costs associated with many tools. However, if organizations are willing and able to provide student access or licenses to a specific tool, solutions can be created using those technologies.

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Data Driven WV provides students with real-world data analytics experience to enhance their education and build a more competitive resume. Using projects from organizations across the state and region, you will solve problems under the mentorship and management of 1-2 professionally experienced M.S. in Business Data Analytics alumni, faculty, and staff. These projects will allow you to hone your skills with real-world applications, while potentially exposing you to internship and job opportunities.

All projects will require students to have regular interaction with the client contact and culminate with a written and oral presentation to summarize project outcomes and deliverables. Some projects will include exposure to tools and technologies outside of the business data analytics curriculum for more seamless integration with the organization’s infrastructure. These opportunities can serve as an additional way to add to the skills section of your resume.

Students from the undergraduate Business Data Analytics minor (majors from all across WVU), M.S. in Business Data Analytics, and on-campus MBA programs will be specifically targeted through email and in-class announcements for program participation. Some projects may require subject matter expertise in additional disciplines, at which point we will seek out faculty referrals.

Any interested students are welcome to complete our Interest Form and may be considered for a project team. Most students will be required to complete an interview as part of the process for team selection. Undergraduate Business Data Analytics minor students are permitted to receive up to three credit hours of course credit to be applied toward their minor requirements. These details will be discussed during the interview process, and any questions can be directed to

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Alumni of our M.S. in Business Data Analytics program have the opportunity to engage with Data Driven WV in a variety of ways.  As an alumni with professional analytic experience, you will be a great resource to student teams. You will be our direct line to industry trends and best practices. For this reason, we invite you to serve as an Alumni Mentor.

We recognize that time is a valuable resource, and the amount you have to give may vary depending on the time of the year or where you are in life, personally and professionally.  We can match you to a project with this information as well as your experience in mind.

Since many of you are subject matter experts, we also offer an opportunity to present data analytics related content through a “lunch and learn” series. Presentations can be designed for virtual or in-person delivery, and we are happy to accommodate co-presenters. Depending on the presentation topic, we can target student invitations accordingly and will provide lunch or snacks as further encouragement for attendance.

We often have students needing help as they launch their careers. You can provide career mentorship by conducting technical mock interviews, introducing the student to your network, etc. 

To note your interest in any of these opportunities, please complete our Interest Form below.

As Data Driven WV grows, we also recognize many of you work for organizations who may wish to engage students on a project. The outcomes may help your organization, as well provide an opportunity for talent acquisition. We are open to these discussions, and more information can be found on our Organizations page.  

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