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Business Honors

Our Business Honors Program at Chambers College is in close collaboration with West Virginia University’s Honors College in providing unparalleled opportunities in and outside of the classroom. 

Business Honors prepares you to join the next generation of global business leaders. We support our students through various business core curricular, professional development events and extracurricular activities. Highlights of the program benefits include: 

  • Rigorous and robust education experience in innovative, forward-looking Honors curriculum
  • Honors recognition at graduation and on transcript
  • Priority registration for classes 

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The Honors Foundation Program is a two-year program designed to engage all first-time freshmen in on-campus life, complement academic programs within majors, and foster community engagement in local communities and beyond.

You will receive:

  • Priority registration for classes 
  • Rigorous and robust education experience in small-sized Honors classes
  • Honors recognition at graduation and on transcript
  • Dedicated funding and scholarships
  • Opportunities to work closely with distinguished faculty, mentors and advisors
  • Enrollment in the Chambers College Career Readiness Program (CRP) through the Center for Career Development (CCD)
  • Visits to employers’ sites on business exposure trips to gain a behind-the-scenes look into business functions
  • Early access to career fairs and other on-campus or virtual events
  • Networking opportunities with alums and potential employers

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To qualify and apply for the Honors Foundation Program, you must meet the following requirements as a first-time freshman:

  • 3.7 High School GPA
  • 26 ACT or 1230 Redesigned SAT

It is also possible to join the program after a successful first semester at WVU or as a transfer student.

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Successfully complete the Honors Foundation Program, by:

  • Completing a minimum of five Honors courses and 13 Honors credits
  • Maintaining a satisfactory GPA (3.5+ Honors GPA and 3.0+ cumulative GPA at program completion)


The Business Honors EXCEL Program is designed to engage students in experiential learning opportunities during both junior and senior academic years. 

In addition to the previously listed perks under the Foundation program, we offer four distinctive tracks  to cater to your academic and professional goals through both hands-on and real-world projects. 


Perform forward-thinking research to generate impact in business communities and beyond.


Master the applications of cutting-edge technologies in business operations with advanced math and data analysis skills.


Compete and succeed in the global business landscape through two sub-tracks: foreign language proficiency and global competency.


Develop business ideas, become skilled business consultants and lead community development with a business mindset.

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With a 3.4 GPA or higher and a minimum of three semesters left in your program of study, you are eligible to apply to our Business Honors EXCEL program during the spring semester of your sophomore year.

If your GPA is lower than a 3.4, you may apply with a letter of recommendation.

Eligibility is not dependent on previous enrollment in the Honors Foundation program.


In this 10-credit Honors EXCEL program, you will complete an experiential learning project to complement your academic program.

In addition, you will also complete five out-of-class experiences each semester.

Suggested timeline:

  • Junior Year, Fall semester: HONR 450 Project Development (1 credit)
  • Junior Year, Spring semester: track-specific course/experience (3 credits)
  • Senior Year, Fall semester: track-specific course/experience (3 credits)
  • Senior Year, Spring semester: BCOR 460H Capstone (3 credits)

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