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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity, Inclusion, Culture, and Equality (DICE) Committee

What is it?

The vision of the Chambers College is to educate and transform our students, our state and our world toward greater prosperity, with people as our core. 

The DICE Committee helps our community by working with our people to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion into our culture. By teaching and engaging in diverse, fair, and inclusive practices, our community will benefit from enhanced innovation and performance, which will expand our global impact and reach.

Diversity in Action

Dariane Drake, 2020-2021 DICE Committee Chair

In response to racial injustices that have led to the death of far too many in the Black community, the Chambers College Diversity, Inclusion, Culture, and Equity (DICE) committee has developed a list of actionable initiates that we are moving forward to better our community. While the long-term list is growing as our learning expands around diversity and inclusion, the committee is actively working on the implementation of five initiatives during this academic year.

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February 2021 Update

Diversity in Action: 2021

Our Charge

To celebrate, champion and embed diversity, equity and inclusion into the culture of the Chambers College of Business and Economics.

Our Responsibilities

  • Recommendations on actionable items to Chambers College leadership in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion 
  • Support programming and curriculum that engages the Chambers College is advancing of diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Create training opportunities to build awareness and inform practices
  • Support advocacy and connection into other groups at WVU that build the advancement of diversity, equity and inclusion on campus

Important Definitions

Diversity is the presence of different thoughts, perspectives, ages, genders, ethnicity, religions, abilities, sexual orientations, national origins, and education. Diversity allows for the empowerment and exploration of these differences in a safe and welcoming environment. Individuals within a diverse environment need to appreciate and respect the differences of others in order to reap the benefits of a diverse workforce. Each individual brings a diverse set of work and life experiences, perspectives, and ideas which can help to foster a more respectful, engaged, and innovative work environment. 

Equity is the fair treatment, access, and opportunity for all people. Certain individuals may need more treatment, access and opportunities than others because of their positions within the environment. This is why equity and equality are not the same. Equality is ensuring equal treatment of all people. Equity is ensuring those who need more treatment have more treatment.

Inclusion is the organization’s commitment, effort, and practice of incorporating and including not only diverse people but policies, behaviors, conversations, and programming that enhance the inclusion of all. Inclusive environments enhance individuals’ sense of belonging and acceptance.

To read more about these terms and other very important terms, please visit the Terms Page on our Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion page,

Current Initiatives

During the academic year 2020-2021, this committee is committed to tackling five action items to continue to build a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture in the Chambers College. Volunteers from the across the College have come together to put these initiatives into action. 

  1. Development of a Best Practices Handbook for Faculty and Staff
  2. A handbook is in development to aid faculty in creating inclusiveness in their classrooms. This handbook will help faculty and staff promote inclusion in their everyday life and work environment. Inclusive environments are important because it can promote innovation, learning, and engagement. (Once the handbook is complete, it can be downloaded on this site.)

  1. Development of Diversity Modules for BCOR 191 and 199
  2. Diversity modules will be incorporated into the curriculum for BCOR 191 and 199, generally taken by first year students during their first semester. It is important that these are complementary, and do not simply provide the opportunity for a “check box”. The modules will be robust and developed in accordance with best practices and include a collaborative session with an expert.

  1. Partnerships with Local Minority Owned Businesses
  2. The College will take action to support, launch, champion, and celebrate local minority owned businesses. By partnering with West Virginia Forward, Chambers College Research and Outreach centers and our faculty, the College can incorporate local businesses through in-class examples, assist in formalizing business plans or marketing strategies for new businesses or innovations, and develop events or workshops to help local business to further West Virginia’s economy. 

  1. Redevelop and/or Relaunch Organizations
  2. The College is taking part in relaunching the International Business student organization in partnership with the Robbins Center. The College will continue to assist in the development of a Student of Color in Business and an LGBTQ+ in Business organization to promote the concerns for these populations within the business industry. Additionally, the College will continue to promote and support the Chambers Women Networking club/organization for women faculty and staff and the Women in Business student organization. If you would like to add an organization to the Chambers College, please email the chair. 

  1. Development of Social Justice Awareness and Education Business Programming 
  2. The College is working to develop programming that highlights and discusses social injustices in the business industry. Examples of programming includes healthcare social injustices, racial inequalities in marketing and media, disability policies in business, inequalities in employee benefits for certain social groups, or how unjust practices and behaviors result in company scandals, such as the Uber sexual assault cases or the Fyre Festival fraud case. The College is utilizing experts within our college and across the university to develop this programming. There are two audiences for this programming, faculty and staff and students. For this academic year, we are working on programming specifically for students.


Women in Business 

Charge: To unite and empower women focused on success and equality in the workplace.

International Business Student Group

Coming soon. Check back for more information.

Students of Color in Business 

Charge: To build a platform for Students of Color within the John Chamber’s College of Business and Economics as well as create a comfortable environment for students at a predominately white institution.

The Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion exists because WVU is always striving to create the safe, diverse, welcoming community we all deserve. Explore the website to find resources and tools as you engage with efforts to make WVU the best it can be.

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