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Management Information Systems grad starts business


A 2005 College of Business and Economics graduate is linking recruiters and job seekers together on her Internet business site,

Anna Trudel started the site as a side business in May. She works full-time as a technical lead at MicroStrategy, a business intelligence company headquartered near Washington, D.C., with offices worldwide. She is a 2001 graduate of Morgantown High School, and she plans to pursue an MBA from the University of Maryland starting next fall.

After she graduated, Trudel was contacted by numerous recruiters interested in matching her with open jobs. She was also contacted by many of her peers who were looking for jobs. She noticed that the web lacked a site that automatically links recruiters with candidates based on similar search preferences and interests.

"My site is different from others because it automatically links recruiters with candidates, and vice versa," she said. "The site doesn't list available jobs, or work to place individuals for a specific job. It simply allows candidates to find the best recruiter for them. This is done by automatically linking similarities the candidates and recruiters have in their profiles. These similarities are desired industry, salary range, job location, and other key search criteria."

Recruiters and candidates sign up and create a profile with their stored preferences. "To sign up is free, and at no cost users can begin finding the best recruiter or candidate for them," Trudel said. The free basic membership allows users to create a profile that makes them searchable.

"To perform your own searches and increase the likelihood of finding a link, you can pay for the premium membership," she said. "However, just signing up for the free membership is still a benefit – users can find you and contact you."

Trudel majored in management information systems (MIS). MIS students learn how to be managers who focus on an organization's information system and technology. MIS appeals to students who enjoy working with computers and problem solving. MIS students learn to analyze business problems and to design, build, and maintain computer applications for solving those problems. The degree program provides students with management skills for planning, budgeting, technology assessment, and cost/benefit analysis.

Trudel said setting up and managing the web site has been "a business dream come true." Trudel is currently focusing on marketing her site. Recently, she started a free three-month trial to attract job seekers and recruiters, and is already beginning to see success.