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Brazilian executives examine global business trends at WVU

a group of 17 Brazilians visited WVU

Thanks to a partnership between West Virginia University’s College of Business and Economics and the Fundação Vanzolini, São Paulo, Brazil, a group of Brazilian business executives took part in “Trends in Global Business” in mid-January.

Fundação Vanzolini is a private institution that provides graduate business education in Brazil. It was originally established by the faculty of the School of Engineering of the University of São Paulo.

Hosted by B&E’s Center for Executive Education, a group of 17 Brazilians visited WVU from January 11-17. The group included 14 engineers, one pharmacist, one chemist and one professor from the Fundação Vanzolini.

“This is an Executive Education program. The group wanted business and management training, but also wanted to know about best practices globally in the different areas of management. And they wanted to experience American culture,” said Martina Bison-Huckaby, Director of B&E’s Center for Executive Education.

“After some brief sightseeing in Washington, D.C., we then brought the group to Morgantown, where they had 32 hours of instruction and visits to two companies.”

Milan Puskar Dean Jose “Zito” Sartarelli, a native of Brazil who earned his undergraduate degree in Brazil, welcomed the group on its first day of instruction. Dr. Ednilson Bernardes, also a native of Brazil and who is helping to develop the Supply Chain Management curriculum at B&E, spoke to the group on the latest about global supply chain management, one of the most recent programs launched by B&E. Among the seven educational sessions were a global economic outlook; an overview of international financial reporting standards; and global trends in marketing, management information systems, management and human resources, and finance.

Diego Gattesco

Diego Gattesco, Senior International Trade Specialist at the U.S. Commercial Service in the U.S. Department of Commerce, based in Wheeling, West Virginia, was a guest speaker for the group. The group visited an Energy Corporation of America natural gas drilling site in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, as well as Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Inc., in Morgantown. Joseph Duda, president of Mylan’s operations in Morgantown, spoke to the group during its tour of the pharmaceutical company.

And while this was the first such program partnership with Brazil, all indications are that there will be more to follow.

“The program’s experience exceeded our expectations,” Bison-Huckaby said. “The group was very engaged and their English skills were better than anticipated so they were able to share their strong business knowledge and experience in class, and took full advantage of this wonderful opportunity for a one-of-a-kind, cross-cultural, cross-educational experience. We’re already talking about the next one.”