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B&E, MBA student team conduct study and produce business plan for PACE Enterprises

A team of three MBA students from West Virginia University recently helped make a case for expansion on a company that is undoubtedly changing the game for the labor force in the state of West Virginia.

PACE Enterprises, a nonprofit, community-led organization that provides prevocational and vocational rehabilitation services to individuals with disabilities, has been around for more than 40 years, employing more than 200 people and generating in excess of $6 million in revenue for the company. 

Olga Bruyaka, B&E’s newest assistant professor of management

Dr. Olga Bruyaka

With the start of the fall semester in 2015 came the start of a new chapter for Dr. Olga Broyaka, the College of Business and Economics' newest assistant professor of management and perhaps the only professor and researcher in the college to have published research papers in three different languages.