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General Business Minor

The General Business program is for students who may desire an “individualized” (i.e. less prescriptive) business major. For instance, a student interested in working for a market research firm may want to combine courses from both management information systems (MIS) and marketing.

Under the program, the major in General Business is comprised of twenty-four semester hours of upper‐division business core course work (required of all candidates for the degree of B.S. in Business Administration) and twenty-seven semester hours of upper division business and economics electives.  The twenty-seven semester hours of course work must be approved by the academic advisor and should not exceed more than nine semester hours in one academic discipline (e.g. MTKG).

Students interested in pursuing the General Business major should contact an academic advisor in the Office of Undergraduate Programs and Advising, 3rd Floor, Business and Economics Building to prepare a matriculation plan that satisfies the requirements for the degree and academic major and that compliments their professional career interests.