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Experiential Learning

Experiential learning opportunities are embedded into many courses in the curriculum, enabling students to work on meaningful, applied projects while learning core content. Additionally, all students complete an applied internship experience. Many organizations return to WVU each year seeking MSIR students as summer interns, and many of those lead to full time employment offers upon degree completion. Other co-curricular learning opportunities include the General Electric Interview Competition (GEIC), PepsiCo Case Study Competition, WVU Talent & Culture Fellowship opportunity, collective bargaining simulations, site visits with HR professionals, and the opportunity to develop international HR skills while traveling abroad.

Another program highlight is the Practicum series. Through a series of required practicum courses, students engage in a variety of professional development activities including resume building, mock interviews, and engaging in formal and informal networking opportunities. The Practicum series brings HR practitioners to the classroom to share knowledge, insights, and best practices with students on a variety of topics. These topics complement their in-class studies by presenting diverse perspectives that cut across the academic/practitioner landscape.

Collective Bargaining Simulation

Students may also have the opportunity to participate in a Collective Bargaining Simulation elective facilitated by experienced industry contract negotiators. The simulation covers such areas as preparation for bargaining, economic costing, contract language development, legal framework for bargaining and tools and techniques for success.

GEIC Interview Competition


The General Electric Interview Competition is a mock interview simulation that all BCOR 299 students are required to complete in order to fulfill their undergraduate course requirements. Graduate students in the MSIR program act as the recruiters to fulfill requirement of the Talent Acquisition course. GE has historically sponsored the event, which allows participants to gain valuable professional interview experience. The top 10% of participants are recognized and invited to a networking event with industry professionals from General Electric.

PepsiCo Case Competition


Each year, students participate in a “live” case competition, sponsored by PepsiCo. Student groups receive background information pertaining to problem the HR representatives from PepsiCo are actively working on, and are given 24 hours to formulate and present their recommended solution. The winning student team is awarded the opportunity to represent the MSIR program at an annual, invitational competition against our top competitor programs… with bragging rights on the line! The winning team is also immortalized in the halls of the John Chambers College of Business & Economics by having their names added to our “Winners Plaque”.

WVU Talent & Culture Fellowship 

Students have the opportunity to interview for a semester-long elective opportunity working with WVU’s Division of Talent & Culture senior leadership. The projects students are assigned to are hand-selected by Talent & Culture leadership to provide students with advanced, cross-functional work that touches all aspect of HR and the employee life-cycle. Student receive the opportunity to integrate knowledge from their coursework with their own creativity and ingenuity to help advance the mission and vision of WVU through direct influence on people strategies. Becoming a WVU Talent & Culture Fellow is a rare and unique opportunity that can only be found in the MSIR program!

Eaton Practicum Series 

EATONThe program curriculum includes a for-credit practicum series that provides bothprofessional and career development opportunities. Practicums are designedto build skill sets that will assist the student not only in obtaining a professionalposition upon graduation, and be utilized throughout his/her career.

Sample topics include: Resume Development, Behavioral-Based Interviewing,Excel Training, Diversity & Inclusion, The Future of HR Development, Role ofan HR Business Partner, HR Specialist Roles, HR Supply Chain, EmployeeExperience, and Change Management.