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Faculty and Staff FAQ

Faculty and Staff FAQ

What LAN storage space do I have?  
The following LAN drives are available:  
F: Personal  
G: Department, Group  
H: Everyone in Building 

My USB thumb drive is not recognized by my computer. Any fix for this?  
Unless the drive is physically broken, take these steps:  
1: Right-click on   My Computer, click   Manage 
2: Click   Disc Management in the left-side pane 
3: Your drive should appear as an icon in the top-right pane 
4: Right-click your drive, select   Change Drive Letter and Paths 
5: Click   Change and select a letter not already in use

Is the data on the LAN backed-up?  
Yes, the data is backed-up nightly onsite, and monthly to an offsite location.

Should I use my C: drive for storage?  
No, the C: drive is not backed-up on the network, therefore your data is not protected.

I am having problems printing. Help?  
All faculty and staff can print to any Minolta printer in the building.  
To print, you need a print code from your department.  
Problem not resolved? Contact the B&E Help Desk at 3-7862.

I have forgotten my Login ID, or my Login ID doesn't work.  
Login IDs can be automatically reset online at or by calling ITS at 304-293-4444. B&E faculty and staff can contact BEITHelp at 3-7862 for assistance.

My applications are running slower than normal.  
Reboot! This might solve your performance issue. Make sure you are organizing your Outlook emails regularly. Having hundreds of emails in your inbox will impact the speed of your computer. Still slow? Call BEITHelp at 3-7862 for assistance.

My computer is making more noise than normal. Is this an issue?  
No, this is not usually an issue. It might be that your fan is a little louder than normal. However, if you hear a "clicking" noise or are concerned about the noise you are hearing, call BEITHelp immediately for assistance.

My computer keeps telling me to install Windows updates, are these necessary?  
Yes, it is important to install current Windows updates to keep your computer secure. This will also help keep your computer running efficiently.

Can I access Outlook from off-campus?  
Use website or visit to download a copy of the client to your computer. Outlook can also be accessed from smart phones by following the instructions at

How do I purchase hardware/software with departmental or grant money?  
Contact the Director of Information Technology or email for pricing and purchase details.

Where do I get information about mark-sense scanning services?  
Refer to this page:

What if my problem is not on this FAQ page?  
Call BEITHelp at 304-293-7862