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MS Industrial Relations

Experiential Learning

Collective Bargaining Simulation

Collective Bargaining Simulation

As part of the MS Industrial Relations curriculum, students have the opportunity to participate in a Collective Bargaining Simulation facilitated by experienced industry contract negotiators. The simulation is an experiential learning activity in which students have the opportunity to research issues, develop bargaining positions, create a strategy for success, and then implement that strategy in a real-life, reality-simulating activity that often lasts 12+ hours.

Students can experiment with individual styles and techniques that they may use as their careers advance in the labor relations arena. While the percentage of the U.S. workforce represented by unions has been declining significantly, the historical employment base for WVU's MSIR program continues to be corporations and organizations who actively engage in collective bargaining and whose employees are affiliated with organized labor.

The event covers such areas as preparation for bargaining, economic costing, contract language development, legal framework for bargaining and tools and techniques for success.

GEIC Interview Competition

The General Electric Interview Competition is a mock interview simulation that all BCOR 299 students are required to complete in order to fulfill their undergraduate course requirements. Graduate students in the MSIR program act as the recruiters to fulfill requirement of the Talent Acquisition course. GE has historically sponsored the event, which allows participants to gain valuable professional interview experience. The top 10% of participants are recognized and invited to a networking event with industry professionals from General Electric.