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The WVU marketing program is designed to give students a strong understanding of the marketing mix elements used by firms to satisfy customer wants and needs. During a three-week experience in July 2017 at the European Innovation Academy in Turin, Italy, Maria Carbone learned the ins-and-outs of startups. While there, she devised the idea for Round & Round, a mobile application designed for students, parents, educators and school administration to track the location of school buses. A native of Martinsburg, W.Va., Carbone is the daughter of a teacher and is a substitute teacher herself. Through her business, she now dedicates her time to solving school bus system inefficiencies and working to ensure student safety.

Maria Carbone
Maria Carbone

Sean irvine

Marketing Graduate

WVU Marketing Student Sean Irvine

Sean Irvine, with his passion for sports, pursued a degree in marketing at WVU which landed him an internship with the Washington Redskins. 

Marketing professionals are involved in planning, promoting, pricing, and distributing products and services. The WVU marketing program is designed to give students a strong understanding of the marketing mix elements used by firms to satisfy customer wants and needs. In addition to the foundations of marketing strategy, the required courses integrate global, societal, and sustainability aspects of the marketplace to give students an appreciation of how marketing strategies are used in the globalized economy as well as in the public and not-for-profit sector. Marketing majors seek jobs in:

  • Marketing Research
  • Professional Sales
  • Social Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sustainable Marketing
  • Promotions
  • International Business
  • Product Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Retail Management

Innovative Curriculum & Accomplished Faculty

  • Driven by industry needs
  • Benchmarked against peer business schools
  • Emphasis on "learning by doing" and experiential learning
  • Student-centered faculty with years of real-world experience
  • Highly published and thought leading faculty

Experiential Learning

A hallmark of the WVU Marketing Major program is an emphasis on experiential learning. Simply put, experiential learning is learning from experience.

In addition to numerous experiential learning experiences that occur in the classroom, we offer several specialized experiential learning opportunities:

Outside Case Competitions

Each term a small, select group of WVU B&E marketing majors are invited to participate in an outside case competition with a prominent commercial or government client to develop and implement specific marketing strategies for academic credit. Generally, the student team competes with other student teams from other colleges and universities and is mentored by a WVU marketing faculty member. This provides students with "real world experience" and an opportunity to apply marketing concepts learned in other courses. Students will interface directly with representatives from the outside companies and in a team centered environment, perform market research and develop strategies and recommendations to address the marketing challenge. This course allows students to apply the marketing knowledge gained from other coursework.

Professional Sales Institute

As part of the professional sales track, students can also join the WVU Professional Sales Institute. Students in the institute add to their academic course through a variety of experiential activities. These include internships, attending sales meetings, 'shadowing' a salesperson for a day, or any variety of 'real' world sales activities. The culmination of this effort is Certification as a Professional Salesperson by the University Sales Center Alliance.

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