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ENCOVA Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Encova Center aims to promote entrepreneurial education, community engagement and economic development in our community and state. Jordon Masters, past winner of the Business Plan Competition and founder of Micro Genesis, grew his innovative business idea into a successful startup.

What We Do

What We Do 

We seek to educate our students, faculty and staff about successfully identifying and navigating entrepreneurial opportunities.  

Business Plan Competition 

The West Virginia Collegiate Business Plan Competition affords students around the state the unique opportunity to make a business idea come to life with the support of state institutions of higher education and seasoned business professionals from around the country. 

Business Plan Competition 

Center Activities 

The Center engages in a number of activities and programs that promote innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Experiential Learning

The Center partners MBA students with small businesses to provide both a unique learning opportunity for students and “concept through operation” business services and assistance to organizations. These services include feasibility studies, business plans, commercialization plans, market studies, process re-engineering, and operational efficiency analyses.

Entrepreneurship Club

The Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO Club)
The CEO Club is a national organization to encourage college students to seek out entrepreneurial opportunities. WVU’s chapter meets regularly to explore entrepreneurial ventures, as well as host guest speakers from the business world. For more information, email or call (304) 293-7221.

Healthy Happy Hippies

Contact Mallory Moholt for more information  

WVU Impact Challenge

The WVU Impact Challenge is an immersive weekend experience that gives students the opportunity to work in teams to define solutions for West Virginia’s most pressing challenges. Students learn how to create profitable, scalable business models to solve important problems, and pitch their ideas to judges to compete for prize money. One credit is awarded to participants who complete necessary coursework. For more information go to  

Entrepreneurship Minors

With an Entrepreneurial Studies Minor, students will have a stronger foundation for a career in a variety of businesses large or small. 

Entrepreneurial Studies Minor

With an Entrepreneurial Studies Minor, students will have a stronger foundation for a career in a variety of businesses large or small. A minor in entrepreneurial studies allows the student to study both the theory and process of entrepreneurship. Coursework focuses on key business skills particular to both large and small ventures. 
  • Course Requirements (18 hours)
    • BUSA 201, Survey of Economics
    • BUSA 202, Survey of Accounting
    • BUSA 310, Survey of Business Law
    • ENTR 300, Creativity and Idea Generation
    • ENTR 340, Survey of Entrepreneurship (PR: ACCT 201 or BUSA 202)
    • ENTR 380, Survey of Business Planning (PR: ENTR 340)

A minimum grade of C is required in each course counting toward the minor.
**ACCT 201 may substitute for BUSA 202. 
***ECON 201 and ECON 202 may substitute for BUSA 201.
****The minors in Business Administration and Entrepreneurial Studies are mutually exclusive. A student is permitted to complete only one of the two minors.

How to Declare a Minor

Meet with your academic advisor to discuss how the minor fits into your program.