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Brown Bag Research Workshop

To further facilitate faculty and student research consistent with the Center’s mission, the CFE runs a regular lunchtime “brown bag” workshop presentation. These seminars consist of early stage research papers by CFE faculty, graduate students, and short-term visitors.

Spring 2016

Fall 2016

Spring 2015

  • February 6 - Andrew Young, “Visigothic Retinues: The Roving Bandits that Succeeded Rome”
  • February 13 - Danko Tarabar, “The Impact of EU Accession and Membership on Reform Measures in Europe 1970-2010”
  • February 20 - Chris Yencha, “The Political Economy of Subsidized Commercial Air Service”
  • February 27 - Maria Sorokina, “Women, Migration, and Labor Share”
  • March 11 - Jamie Bologna, “Executive Influence over Federal Corruption Convictions”
  • April 24 - Crystal Wong, “The Effect of Child Custody Laws on Marriage” 

    Fall 2015

  • October 5 – Jamie Bologna, “The Effect of Informal Employment and Corruption on Income Levels in Brazil”
  • October 19 – Masha Tackett, “Gender Migration and Labor Share”
  • November 2 – Umair Khalil, “Racial Composition of Police Force and Police Response”
  • November 16  – Bryan McCannon, “Contracts and Trust”
  • November 30 - “Ethnic Assortative Matching in Marriage and Family Outcomes: Evidence from the Mass Migration to the United States during 1900-1930.”
  • December 7 – Chris Yencha, “Who’s Paying for Regional Hospital Cost Inefficiencies?”