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Bureau of Business and Economic Research

Since the 1940s, the BBER’s mission has been to serve the people of West Virginia by providing the state’s business and policymaking communities with reliable data and rigorous applied economic research and analysis that enables the state’s leaders to design better business practices and public policies.

Recent Publications

BBER research is disseminated through policy reports and briefs, through large public forums, and through traditional academic outlets. BBER researchers are widely quoted for their insightful research in state and regional news media. The BBER’s research and education/outreach efforts to public- and private-sector leaders are typically sponsored by various government and private-sector organizations.

The BBER has research expertise in the areas of public policy, health economics, energy economics, economic development, economic impact analysis, economic forecasting, and education policy, among others. The BBER has a full-time staff of three Ph.D. economists and one master’s-level economist. This staff is augmented by Ph.D. student research assistants. BBER researchers also collaborate with faculty from within the College of Business and Economics as well as from other parts of WVU.

Please follow the nearby links where you will find full descriptions of the BBER’s research capabilities, economic outlook program, and data services. You will also find more detailed information about the Economic Outlook Conference series, as well as a database of all BBER publications, and BBER personnel biographies and contact information. Please feel free to contact any BBER staff member concerning your research needs or inquiries.

Recent Reports