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Center for Financial Literacy and Education

The Center for Financial Literacy and Education was established in 2015 to promote financial literacy throughout the state. The CFLE created a central mechanism for the outreach, programmatic, and research specific initiatives involving financial literacy and education within the college. Our mission is to bring awareness, resources, programs, and support to constituents across the region that will initiate change agents to promote the economic health and prosperity of the citizens of the State of West Virginia.

The CFLE’s activities are directly tied to the West Virginia Forward movement and speak to the land grant mission of West Virginia University. Programs delivered by the CFLE have had a direct and dramatic impact on primary and secondary educators and students, state employees, undergraduate and graduate students across WVU, and the WVU Retirees Association. We believe that the promotion of better financial decision making will lead to a more productive society and we are working diligently to expand our efforts across the region to be a leader in enhancing the financial decision making for all.

The Center is divided into four pillars: (1) banking, (2) insurance, (3) personal finance, and (4) investments. These four areas serve as the foundation for the primary curricular, research, and outreach strengths of the Department of Finance in the Chamber’s College of Business and Economics and create a tangible connection to our mission. From a basic concept of delivering skills to those that need them the most, the CFLE has built a framework for a large program that is now working with national and international industrial partners to improve the lives of the less fortunate and to train our finance students to succeed in the competitive, global marketplace.

Our Goals 

The Center for Financial Literacy and Education promotes financial literacy and education in the state of West Virginia. There is a clear need for increasing financial literacy across the state of West Virginia, as well as within West Virginia University. The question is how to change behavior in a way to improve financial decision-making. The first step in that process is to empower individuals to make better financial decisions by arming them with the tools and confidence to better plan for their financial futures.

Our Pillars 

The Center is divided into four pillars: banking, insurance, personal finance and investments. These pillars serve as a foundation and create a strong tie to our mission of transforming the state through outreach, teaching, experiential learning and research.

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Resources/ Clearing House 

The Center works with Financial Literacy organizations across the country that provide free financial literacy resources for all ages.