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Student Athlete Financial Literacy Program

Thanks to an amazing gift from Robinhood, all WVU student athletes will have access to Financial Education during their time at WVU. 

Course in Financial Planning

All incoming student athletes on scholarship will be required to take a course in personal financial planning. This course is designed to offer both in-class knowledge, as well as follow-up guest speakers to teach freshman student athletes how to navigate their financial futures appropriately from the time they step foot on WVU’s campus. This course is critical for building a solid footing for all WVU scholarship recipients who have the greatest potential to leverage their athletic abilities for monetary gain. Due to changes in NCAA rules regarding student athletes’ ability to profit from their likeness, this course, the first required financial literacy course for a D-1 NCAA program, will enhance their opportunities for understanding how to create a financial future for themselves.

Financial Education Seminar Series

The goal of this 3-5 session seminar series is to provide upperclassmen athletes with more advanced skill sets that will better prepare them for the financial decisions that they will need to make upon entering the workforce. The seminar focuses on various topics including credit, budgeting, career planning, risk management, and investing. The seminar is combined with networking opportunities for the student athletes to engage with industry professionals who can offer them enhanced job placement and critical access to financial resources.