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Current Programs

The Center has created a partnership with the WVU First Year Experience program to provide financial literacy to all incoming freshmen on campus through the WVU 191 course. The Center has created a five-pronged approach to integrate financial literacy materials into the curriculum through knowledge assessments, in-class activities, large on-campus seminars and residence hall integration. 

We will be providing a 5-pronged approach to the financial literacy program as follows:

  1. Pre-knowledge assessment of financial literacy knowledge given prior to classes starting.
  2. On-Campus Seminars aimed at addressing the most critical areas of need as determined by the survey.
  3. Students will take the FoolProof Triage Survey to identify areas of weakness in personal finances. 4 modules will be provided for the students to enhance their knowledge on those areas of weakness.
  4. 50 minute interactive, in-class session that will be provided by the CFLE.
  5. Post-knowledge assessment of financial literacy knowledge administered after the sessions are completed. 

FoolProof Resources

WVU has partnered with TIAA to provide FoolProof Financial Literacy curriculum.


Current Workshops and Seminars

Six Basic Habits of Effective Money Management 

Session Overview: Being financially successful does not come from having a certain amount of money, but rather it comes from creating good habits with your money. This session outlines six habits to help you develop a foundation for longterm financial stability. These habits, when well-practiced, lead to increased confidence and maturity in managing your personal finances. 

Date: Tuesday, August 29, 2023 

Time: 5pm - 6pm 

Location: This session is being held via Zoom. Please join using the following link: 

Speaker Information: This session will be presented by Professor Joseph DeGroff from the Center of Financial Literacy and Education (CFLE) and two recent WVU alumni of the Financial Planning program - Bria Spigarelli (graduated May 2022) and Garet Hostutler (graduated May 2023)

Academic Programs and Courses in Financial Literacy

  • The CFLE houses the Certified Financial Planning program under its pillar of Financial Planning. The programmatic aspect of the pillar provides valuable educational benefits to those who are seeking their CFP designation.

  • B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Wealth Management

  • CFP Board certified financial planning program that meets the educational requirements for the CFP Examination.

  • B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in valuation

  • NACVA Board approved Certified Valuation Analyst curriculum track that meet the educational requirements for the CVA Examination

  • BCOR 340 is a personal finance course taken by all business majors

  • FIN 370 is a course in personal finance offered to Finance students through the Wealth Management Area of Emphasis 

  • BADM 651 is a course in personal finance offered to MBA and Online Hybrid MBA students each summer