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Faculty News:

Visiting Assistant Professor Judge Glock had his paper, "Netting Out Taxes and Transfers" accepted and published in Tax Notes.

Visiting Assistant Professor Judge Glock's paper, "The Rise and Fall of the First Government-Sponsored Enterprise: The Federal Land Banks, 1916–1932" was accepted and is published in the Harvard Business School’s Business History Review.

Professor Roger Congleton had his paper “The Electoral Politics and Evolution of Complex Healthcare Systems” with co-authors Alberto Batinti and Rinaldo Pietrantonio (now deceased), both former Visiting faculty here in Economics at WVU, accepted by Kyklos

Professor Josh Hall has been named Associate Editor of Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy. This is the journal of the Mid-Continent Regional Science Association.

Professor Brad Humphreys has been awarded the prestigious 2016-2017 WVU Benedum Distinguished Scholar award in the Behavioral & Social Sciences category. He is the first B&E recipient since the 1989-1990 award year.

Assistant Professors, Bryan McCannon and Gregory DeAngelo, received a $64,000 grant from the Charles Koch Foundation to hold their 2nd annual Summer Empirical Workshop at WVU this July.

Student News:

Danko Tarabar has had his paper, "Culture, Democracy, and Market Reforms: Evidence from Transition Countries" accepted by the Journal of Comparative Economics

Josh Matti and Yang Zhou have had their paper, “The Political Economy of Brexit: Explaining the Vote,” accepted by Applied Economic Letters

Yang Zhou has had his paper, “Do ideology movements and legal intervention matter: A synthetic control analysis of the Chongqing Model,” accepted by the European Journal of Political Economy.

Chris Yencha has accepted a tenure track position at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah.

Danko Tarabar has accepted a tenure track position at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Amir Neto and his co-author Elham Erfanian, a Ph.D. student in Natural Resource Economics, were recipients of the Best Paper Award for graduate students at the recent Academy of Economy and Finance Conference in Charleston, SC. Their paper is “Scientific Output: Labor or Capital Intensive? An Analysis of Selected Countries.”