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Event Services

The Chambers College no longer has dedicated event services staff. For smaller or virtual events, please work with your department admin to set your event up. For other events that will have a larger attendance, campus-wide appeal, or some level of logistical support, please review the checklist below to get proper support for your event. Depending on the needs for your event you may be required to request services from multiple departments.

Event Checklist

WVU Calendar

Please use the official WVU Calendar to get your event on the campus calendar (and into our internal student and faculty and staff communications). All WVU faculty and staff can use their SSO WVU login to submit an event to the calendar. A calendar administrator will then approve the event and it will appear on the campus calendar. The Strat Comm team also uses the campus calendar to add events to email and social campaigns. Not all events on the WVU calendar will be added to Chambers social and email. If this is needed, please request it separately.

Event Request

Our Event Request form is used to inform our Chambers College admins of events so they can provide logistical support for larger events. Please submit this form if you need support beyond what your department admin can provide.

Event Request Form 

RSVPs / Eventbrite

If you have an event that requires RSVPs, we have used Eventbrite in the past. If you need help with this, please note in the request form.

Marketing Support

If you need help with marketing your event, please use the Project Request form to initial a project with the Strat Comm team. The Event form above does not constitute a request for marketing support.

IT support

As with marketing support, IT support must be requested separately. Please contact the helpdesk at BEIT for AV support for your event.