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Web Services

Web Updates

Do you have an update for our Chambers College website? Whether it's editing existing text, switching out a photo or updating a link, we can help. Fill out the Update Request form below and select "Update Existing Webpage" from the dropdown menu. 

Please provide all of your edits, and any additional information about your update, by submitting a web update request. We will reach out if we have any questions.

Sites we manage:
Please note: we take the time to compare information to what is represented on WVU-affiliated websites (i.e. WVU Catalogue, WVU Admissions, etc.) as some content is automatically pulled into our website from these external links. If your information does not match, we will make sure to contact you to confirm the accurate content. 

Web Projects
Do you have a web project you would like to discuss building with our team? 

Our team works directly with WVU's University Relations-Digital Service to maintain, develop and improve the Chambers College website and affiliated web properties. 

Whether it's building a new page on our Chambers College website, or working with you to build your own website, we will work with you to strategize your content so that what we build meets your goal. 

If you're ready to work together on your web project, please use the Web Project form to inform our team with include any additional information about your project. We will reach out to you with any questions and next steps.  

Directory Update

Do you need to make an edit to our Chambers College directory page? Please fill out our web form below and select "Faculty Listing / Directory Update." 

Please be sure to provide your administrator with all of the new information that needs updated, or request through our portal and the photo you want to use if you are changing your headshot photo, so that they can easily make changes. 

Requesting a Faculty Site

University Relations will support faculty sites on clean slate. Please fill out the form to begin the process of getting your new site. While UR will assist in creation of these sites, the responsibility of creating and maintaining content is the faculty members. You can read more about the process on the  Getting Started page from UR. The college web developer can assist with technical difficulties, not with content. 

Form tips:

Request a faculty website