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Mountaineer Quest

Summer 2018

Mountaineer Quest 2016

WHAT: This camp-based, peer-led, 5-day program that prepares incoming students for life at WVU and in WV. Hosted at Camp Muffly in WV, students will participate in day trips around WVU, adventuring with their group. Day trips may include sightseeing, rock climbing, inflatable kayaking or whitewater rafting, hiking, service with a local organization, and activities around the camp. Students explore and reflect on their transition to college in small group discussions in the evenings.

WHEN: Students can choose from three sessions that are open ONLY to incoming Business & Economics students, allowing you to meet a group of students you’ll be sharing your WVU experience with!

  • Quest 1A runs from June 25 -29 , 2018
  • Quest 1B runs from June 25-29, 2018
  • Quest 3C runs from July 30-August 3, 2018

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: All participants in this session will receive 1 additional credit to their First Year Seminar in their college or department! (This trip does NOT replace FYS, it is simply a 1-credit add-on).

HOW MUCH: This program is FREE FOR YOU! All Adventure WV trips charge a $95 registration fee, however The College of B&E will provide a $95 credit to participating students* for the cost of this trip! B&E strongly believes in giving students a great first experience at WVU and setting you up for success in your WVU career! (*Students who enroll in the program but drop or don’t participate will be charged the $95 fee). 

WHAT ABOUT NSO? This trip is separate from on-campus New Student Orientation (NSO) and does not fulfill your NSO requirement. This trip is separate from your First-Year Seminar that you are required to take as part of your Fall Semester. This trip does not replace your FYS, but provides a 1-credit add-on to your FYS. 

HOW DO I GET A SPOT ON THIS PROGRAM? There are limited spots available for this trip! Admitted and students who have paid the academic deposit may register on a first-come, first-served basis beginning February 5th at Please sign up for the waitlist even if the trip is full. Spots may become available throughout the semester. 

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit the Mountaineer Quest website on Adventure WV’s page:

We hope you will consider joining the B&E family just a bit early by participating in this trip this summer!

* This program charges a $95 registration fee to your student account. Charges are due on August 2, along with the Fall term bill. However, the College of Business and Economics will provide a $95 credit to participating students by the end of August. Students who enroll in the program but drop or don’t participate will not receive the credit and will be responsible for paying the $95 fee. For questions about Adventure WV charges, contact Adventure WV at 304-293-5221.