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Chambers College SCHOLARSHIPS

One application puts the student into consideration for all of the College's general scholarships at the undergraduate level for the 2018-2019 academic year. Applications are now closed.


Incoming freshmen may qualify for merit-based scholarhips based on GPAs and SAT/ACT test scores. No additional application is necessary.

Students outside the B&E building

Freshmen Scholarships 

The WVU College of Business and Economics has scholarships for both in state and out-of-state incoming freshmen that greatly reduce the cost of attendance. The criteria for each is different. 

Scholarships for Incoming Freshmen

Due to the generosity of several alumni and friends of the College over the years, the College has:

  • 100 scholarships to award annually;
  • More than $462,000 in scholarship money to distribute every year; and
  • Scholarships ranging from $250 to $9,000 a year with the average scholarship being $2,780

Application Process

One application puts the student into consideration for all of the College's general scholarships at the undergraduate level (Graduate level scholarship information can be found on the Graduate Student Scholarship Application). The application consists of a one-page resume and a one-page, double-spaced essay. Your essay can be on any topic of your choice. Ideas include: why you are majoring in business, your plans after college, and/or why you are deserving of a scholarship. Everything must be uploaded through the application portal for consideration for the 2019-20 academic year (fall/spring).

If you are selected as a scholarship recipient, you will be notified by official letter from the Chambers College. The scholarship will be placed on your student account in the 2019-20 academic year (half in the fall; half in the spring), unless otherwise indicated. Scholarship recipients are expected to write a note of appreciation to the funders of the scholarships. Details will be provided to the student at a later date.

Please note, this application is separate from the Dean’s Level 1 and 2 merit-based scholarships that are awarded for WVU Central Financial Aid Office.

Apply for scholarships

Have you completed your FAFSA?

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Scholarships for Chambers College Students

  • Adalbert Academic and Leadership Scholarship
  • Blair M. Amole, Jr. Scholarship
  • College of B&E Anonymous Endowed Scholarship
  • John E. Arbuckle B&E Scholarship
  • The W. Marston and Katharine B. Becker Doctoral Fellowship
  • Jose V. Sartarelli Scholarship created by W. Marston and Katharine B. Becker
  • Beta Gamma Sigma Scholarship
  • Boise Cascade Office Products Scholarship
  • Thomas J. Brewster Scholarship
  • Brian Douglas Brick Memorial Scholarship
  • BrickStreet Scholarship
  • Daniel C. and Elizabeth D. Brown Scholarship
  • Burks Family Fund for Economic Research
  • Mary Catherine Buswell Scholarship
  • Robert and Gaye Cheripko Scholarship
  • Michael P. Cipoletti Memorial Scholarship
  • Philip A. Compton Accounting Academic Achievement Scholarship
  • Wallace D. Craig, Sr. Scholarship
  • Patsy Cunningham and David A. Brown Scholarship
  • Chester Hatfield Curry Jr. Memorial Scholarship
  • A.J. Dadisman Scholarship
  • DonMar Scholarship
  • Excellence in Personal Finance Advising
  • Facemire-Roll Scholarship
  • Carlyle D. Farnsworth Ethics Enrichment Award
  • Thomas and Florence Freeman and Phyllis Attanasio Scholarship
  • Fresh Hospitality "Summer Experience" and “Fall Experience” Scholarships funded by the J. Michael Bodnar Hospitality and Tourism Program Support Fund and the Doug and Pam Van Scoy Hospitality and Tourism Program Support Fund
  • Arthur and James Gabriel Scholarship
  • Richard M. Gardner Memorial Scholarship Award
  • Chambers College General Scholarship Fund
  • John B. and Lynne F. Gianola Accounting Scholarship
  • Laroy E. Gorman Memorial Scholarship
  • Pat and Jessica Graney Supply Chain Scholarship
  • David R. Greenlee Memorial Scholarship
  • Robert L. Grimes Marketing Scholarship
  • John T. and Irene K. Grossi Memorial Scholarship     
  • Fred Haddad Scholarship
  • D. Ray Hall Scholarship Endowment   
  • David W. and Nancy F. Hamstead Accounting Scholarship 
  • Hardman Supply Company Scholarship
  • Francis J. and Mildred M. Harman Memorial Scholarship  
  • Ronald Hayhurst Endowed Business Scholarship  
  • Lisa Helmick, Jennifer Bolton and Allen Rosenthal Scholarship
  • GE/Glen Hiner Scholarships for B&E
  • Don Hoylman Entrepreneurship Scholars
  • J. Thomas and Judith Jones Scholarship
  • Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporation Scholarship for B&E
  • F. Raymond Kennedy Memorial Scholarship    
  • Michael S. Lane Memorial
  • Gary and Renee LeDonne Accounting Scholarship 
  • Wilma McBrayer Leppert Scholarship
  • R. Emmett and Edna Lynch College of B&E Scholarship
  • Michael S. Martin
  • Vivian Canaday Mason Scholarship   
  • John D. May Award
  • Wade S. and Regina A. McClure Scholarship
  • Doug and Nancy McIntyre Hospitality and Tourism Scholarship
  • William T. McLaughlin Scholarship in Banking 
  • Charles Powell Mead Memorial Scholarship
  • Doc and Libby Miller Student Philanthropy Fund
  • James M. and Kristine B. Mullendore Award
  • Professor Adolph Neidermeyer Scholarship
  • AA Neidermeyer Doctoral Scholarship
  • AA Neidermeyer Graduate Scholarship
  • Russell S. Newman Memorial Scholarship
  • Northrop Grumman Corporation Presidential Scholarship
  • Charles L. Owens Accounting Scholarship  
  • Doctoral Student Research Paper Award
  • Thomas A. and Dr. Thomas G. Ponzurick Marketing Scholarship
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers Accounts Award   
  • Ramsburg Family Business Scholarship
  • Phi Sigma Delta Stuart Robbins Scholarship
  • A.K. Robinson Scholarship
  • Jimmy Robinson Scholarship   
  • Roberta Robinson Scholarship    
  • Philip and Gloria Rosenthal Scholarship       
  • David S. Santee Scholarship
  • Sartarelli Scholarship    
  • John L. and Bette J. Schroder Endowed Scholarship
  • Terry and Frances Seelinger Scholarship
  • Dr. Gail Shaw Accounting Student Support Endowment   
  • C.B. Shingleton III Endowed Scholarship
  • Jerad David Simpson Scholarship
  • Professor Charles P. Skaggs Scholarship   
  • Cynthia Ann Keener Luzier Spirit Scholarship
  • John and Mary Ann Stockhausen Scholarship
  • Stonebridge-Morgantown Marriott at Waterfront Place Hospitality Scholarship
  • John L. and Hazel L. Sutton Scholarship
  • SWIFT Scholarship Fund
  • Douglas H. Tanner Scholarship
  • Tattersall Finance Scholarships   
  • Dorothy F. Totterdale Scholarship
  • Dr. Jack Turner Scholarship
  • Dr. Jack Turner Masters of Business Administration Scholarship 
  • United Bankshares Fellowship in B&E    
  • Andrew Urbaczewski Scholarship
  • Doug and Pam Van Scoy Hospitality and Tourism Scholarship
  • Professor and Mrs. Enoch Howard Vickers Scholarship
  • Jon Vilasuso Advanced Doctoral Student Award
  • Bob (Bobby) E. and Emily N. Vincent Scholarship
  • W. Boyd Hutchison Award
  • Royce J. and Caroline Watts Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Royce J. and Caroline Watts Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Samuel H. Weese Scholarship
  • Paul W. Whetsell Hospitality and Tourism Management Scholarship
  • Kris Williams Scholarship
  • Charles Edward Witt Memorial Scholarship
  • Sallie and Jim Word Presidential Scholarship
  • Young Professional Network Launch Scholarship 
  • Lee & Pamela Bakalarski Business Leadership Scholarship
  • Lemonade Day Scholarship
  • Esther L. Crane Endowed Scholarship
  • Gianola & Fulton Family Accounting Education Scholarship
  • W. Marston & Katharine B. Becker Doctoral Fellows Endowment