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Student Profiles

  • Lillian Bischof

    A Finance and Chemical Engineering Senior, originally from Wheeling, WV.

  • Hunter Bodnar

    An Entrepreneurship and Innovation Senior, originally from Latrobe, PA.

  • Deanna Crumm

    A Marketing and Organizational Leadership Senior, and a West Virginia native.

  • Isabella Fagnelli

    A Marketing Senior, originally from Pennsylvania.

  • Kayla Guyton

    A Marketing and Management Information Systems (MIS) Sophomore with a Minor in Communications, originally from Canonsburg, PA.

  • Emma LaBombard

    An Accounting Junior and West Virginia Native.

  • Jenah Moore

    A Marketing Senior, originally from Jamison, PA.

  • Mary Morris

    A Management Information Systems (MIS) Sophomore with a double minor in Data Analytics and Business Cybersecurity, originally from Bunker Hill, WV.

  • Sojung Park

    An Accounting Sophomore, originally from Morgantown, WV.

  • Alexsa Ruiz

    A Management Information Systems (MIS) Senior, originally from New Jersey.

  • Liz Sexton

    An Accounting and Finance Senior, originally from Williamstown, WV.

  • Tim Shaw

    A Marketing Senior, originally from New York.

  • Alex Smigel

    A Global Supply Chain Management Junior, originally from Ohio.

  • Rachel Stump

    A Hospitality and Tourism Management, and Marketing, Senior originally from Hurricane, WV.

  • Eva Toor

    An Entrepreneurship and Innovation Sophomore with a minor in Mathematics and Political Science, originally from Charleston, WV

  • Madison Troxell

    An Economics Junior with a Minor in Statistics, originally from Allentown, PA.

  • Riley Tucker

    A Hospitality and Tourism Senior, originally from Ohio.

  • Adrea Elizabeth Welsh

    Junior - major hospitality and tourism management - minor in french - hometown is Morgantown

  • Tucker Workman

    An Accounting Sophomore with a minor in Finance, originally from Bramwell, WV.