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Business Cybersecurity Minor


Experiential Learning is a hallmark of the John Chambers College of Business and Economics, and it is the cornerstone of the Minor in Business Cybersecurity Management.  It will be required that the Minor in Business Cybersecurity Management capstone (MIST 491) experiential learning class of 3 to 6 credit hours be performed in a highly subspecialized area of Cybersecurity, requiring prior approval and faculty sponsorship. Recommended professional field experiences should enable a rigorous and hands on Cybersecurity exposure. This may take the form of participation in the US Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity Internship Program, working for the National Cyber Forensics Training Alliance (NCFTA), working in the Information Systems Security area of a major corporation or other internship engagement that imbues the skills required for a deep understanding of the Cybersecurity in business functional domain. In addition to faculty sponsorship, the internships will require a weekly log, coordination with the College of Business and Economics Internship Program officer, and a research paper written under the faculty sponsor guidance.


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