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Arthur Gabriel


Gabe's, a private discount fashion retailer, was founded in 1961 by brothers James Gabriel and Arthur Gabriel, Sr. The company was originally known as Gabriel Brothers from its founding until 2013, when it began rebranding its stores under the Gabe's name.

Gabriel Brothers opened its first store in Morgantown, West Virginia, where the company remains headquartered as of 2015.Only one year after opening its first store,Gabriel Brothers expanded by opening the company's second location in Fairmont, West Virginia. The company then expanded outside of West Virginia in 1984, with the opening of its store location in Washington, Pennsylvania.The Gabriel brothers decided to open their clothing store after being inspired by their fatherZ. G. Gabriel, who began working as a clothing retailer in the 1920s. Their father sold clothing throughout Fayette County, West Virginia, by driving around coal towns in a truck that he had outfitted with shelves and drawers.In 1996, Gabriel Brothers expanded their business by opening up their first Rugged Wearhouse store location in Frederick,Maryland. By the year 2000, the company operated 50 total Gabe's and Rugged Wearhouse locations, which then expanded to more than100 stores by 2004. As of 2015, the company operates 55 Gabe's stores in 10 states, as well as an additional 53 Rugged Wearhouse locations in nine states.

  • Co-founder of Gabriel Bros., Secretary, Treasurer, and President (1961)
  • Graduate of WVU's College of Business and Economics (1961)
  • WVU's College of Business and Economics - Board of Directors
  • Lebanese American University - Board of Directors
  • Comprehensive Occupational Co. - President
  • One Valley Bank - Board of Directors
  • Centra Bank - Founder, Board of Directors, Executive Comm.
  • Many Social and Religious Organizations