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Russell Bunio

2016 Inductee

Russell Bunio joined Boeing in February 1998 as vice president and general manager of supply chain management and procurement.

Besides reengineering the entire procurement function, he was elected to the chair position for the Boeing Procurement Process Council, which coordinated purchases of $33 billion at 26 locations and required the management of 6,500 people. Bunio retired from Boeing in 2001. He then initiated Russell J. Bunio and Associates, a consulting group that focused on performance excellence and supply chain until 2015. After earning an economics degree from B&E in 1969, he began his career in 1970 at General Motors’ Inland Division facility in Dayton, Ohio. Bunio served in several facilities and divisions for GM until 1989, when he joined Cummins Engine Company as vice president of materials management. He currently serves as a board member of One by One, a nonprofit humanitarian group in Seattle, Washington, and the WVU Supply Chain Management Advisory Board at B&E. Bunio is also the author of The Graduate Handbook – You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know.