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Professors Emeriti

Donald Adams *

Professor Emeritus, 2005
Hired: 1981, Economics

James Brown

Professor Emeritus, 2018 
Hired: 2005, Marketing 
D.B.A., Marketing, Indiana University

Neil S. Bucklew

Professor Emeritus, 2015
Hired: 1986, Management
Ph.D., Industrial Relations, University of Wisconsin

Jay H. Coats

Professor and Dean Emeritus, 2005
Hired: 1971, Accounting
Dean 2001-2005, Director of Graduate Programs 1976-1993

Robert Cook

Associate Professor Emeritus, 2010

Stratford Douglas

Professor Emeritus, 2018 
Hired: 1990, Economics 
Ph.D., Economics, University of North Carolina

Randyl Elkin

Professor Emeritus, 2010
Hired: 1973, Economics
Ph.D., Economics, Iowa State University

Richard Gardner *

Assistant Professor Emeritus, 1999

John Harpell

Associate Professor Emeritus, 2001

Ming-jeng Hwang

Professor Emeritus, 2011
Hired: 1984, Economics
Ph.D., Economics, Texas A&M University

Kern Kymn *

Professor Emeritus, 2007
Hired: 1976, Economics
Ph.D., Economics, University of Chicago

Cyrus Logar

Professor Emeritus, 2016
Hired: 1976, Marketing
D.B.A., Kent State University
Associate Dean Academic Affairs 2004-2008, Dean 1987-1993

Patrick C. Mann

Professor Emeritus, 2005
Hired: 1967, Economics

Ali Mansour

Professor Emeritus, 2007
Hired: 1978, Management
Ph.D., Management Science, University of Georgia

Robert Maust

Professor Emeritus, 2013
Hired: 1963, Accounting
M.S., Accounting, West Virginia University
Certified Public Accountant

Douglas Mitchell

Professor Emeritus, 2007
Hired: 1984, Economics
Ph.D., Economics, Princeton

Ade Neidermeyer

Professor Emeritus, 2015
Hired: 1972, Accounting
Ph.D., Accounting, University of Iowa

David Pariser

Professor Emeritus, 2014
Hired: 1989, Accounting
Ph.D., Economics, Southern Illinois University
Certified Public Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner

John Porter

Assistant Professor Emeritus, 1999

Ann Pushkin

Professor Emeritus, 2007
Hired: 1981, Accounting
Ph.D., Business, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

William Reece

Professor Emeritus, 2015
Hired: 1990, Economics
Ph.D., Economics, Washington University

William Riley

Professor Emeritus, 2018 
Hired: 1986, Finance
Ph.D., Economics, University of Arkansas

Dieter Schaupp *

Professor Emeritus, 2012
Hired: 1973, Management
D.B.A., University of Kentucky

Frederick Scherr

Professor Emeritus, 2007
Hired: 1977, Finance

Gail Shaw *

Professor Emeritus, 2002
Ph.D., Accounting, University of Missouri

Wil J. Smith

Associate Professor Emeritus, 2004
Hired: 1967, Management

Royce Watts

Assistant Professor Emeritus, 2017
Hired: 1965, Economics
M.S., Economics, West Virginia University
Associate Dean WVU College of Engineering and Mineral Resources

Tom Witt

Professor Emeritus, 2012
Hired: 1970, Economics
Ph.D., Economics, Washington University
Associate Dean for Research & Outreach and Director Bureau of Business and Economics Research

* Deceased