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Journal Rankings


A+   Accounting Review (The)
A+   Journal of Accounting & Economics
A+   Journal of Accounting Research
A+   Contemporary Accounting Research
A+   Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory
A+   Journal of the American Taxation Association
A+   Accounting, Organizations and Society
A+   Journal of Management Accounting Research
A+   Behavioral Research in Accounting
A+   Journal of Information Systems
A+   Review of Accounting Studies
A    Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance
A    Journal of Accounting & Public Policy
A    Accounting Horizons
A    Journal of Accounting Literature
A    Issues in Accounting Education
A    Journal of Accounting Education
A    Journal of Accountancy
A    Journal of Business Finance and Accounting
A    Advances in Accounting
A    International Journal of Accounting
A    Management Accounting Research
A    Tax Advisor
A    Tax Law Review
A    CPA Journal
A    Advances in Taxation
A    Journal of Taxation
A    Advances in Management Accounting
A    Research in Accounting Regulation
A    Advances in Public Interest Accounting
A    International Journal of Accounting Information Systems
A    Accounting Education: An International Journal
A    Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting and Financial Management (1)
A    Journal of International Business Studies
A    Journal of Information Technology
A    Journal of Forensic & Investigative Accounting
B    National Tax Journal
B    Abacus
B    International Journal of Intelligent Systems in Acct, Fin and Mgt
B    Accounting and Business Research
B    Taxes-The Tax Magazine
B    Advances in International Accounting
B    Management Accounting / Strategic Finance
B    Accounting Educators' Journal
B    Research on Accounting Ethics / Research on Professional Responsibility and Ethics
B    Journal of International Accounting, Auditing and Taxation
B    Critical Perspectives on Accounting
B    Managerial Auditing Journal
B    Journal of Cost Management / Cost Management
B    Accounting Historians Journal
B    Accounting Systems Journal / Review of Business Information Systems
B    Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal
B    Internal Auditor
B    International Tax Journal
B    Advances in Accounting Education
B    Internal Auditing / Audit & Risk Magazine
B    Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research
B    British Accounting Review
B    Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting
B    Current Issues in Auditing
B    International Journal of Auditing
B    Accounting Information Systems (AIS) Educator Journal
B    Global Perspectives in Accounting Education
B    Forensic Examiner
B    Fraud Magazine
B    Journal of Forensic Economics
B    Journal of Forensic Studies in Accounting and Business
B    Accounting and Finance
B    Accounting Forum
B    Accounting Research Journal
B    Accounting, Accountability & Performance
B    Advances in Quantitative Analysis of Finance and Accounting
B    Journal of Applied Accounting Research
B    Journal of Applied Business Research
B    International Journal of Public Administration
B    Journal of Government Financial Management (4)
B    European Accounting Review
B    International Business & Economics Research Journal
B    International Journal of Disclosure and Governance
B    Journal of International Accounting Research (US)
B    Corporate Governance: An International Review
B    Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society
B    International Journal of Corporate Governance
B    Journal of Finanical Planning
B    Journal of Emerging Technology and Accounting
B    Advances in Mergers and Acquisitions
B    Oil, Gas & Energy Quarterly


A+   American Economic Review
A+   Econometrica
A+   Economic Journal
A+   International Economic Review
A+   Journal of Econometrics
A+   Journal of Economic Growth
A+   Journal of International Economics
A+   Journal of Labor Economics
A+   Journal of Monetary Economics
A+   Journal of Political Economy
A+   Journal of Public Economics
A+   Quarterly Journal of Economics
A+   Rand Journal of Economics
A+   Review of Economic Studies
A+   Review of Economics and Statistics
A    American Economic Journal Applied Economics
A    American Economic Journal Economic Policy
A    American Economic Journal Macroeconomics
A    American Economic Journal Microeconomics
A    Demography
A    Econometric Theory
A    Economica
A    European Economic Review
A    Games and Economic Behavior
A    Journal of Applied Econometrics
A    Journal of Business and Economic Statistics
A    Journal of Comparative Economics
A    Journal of Development Economics
A    Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization
A    Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control
A    Journal of Economic History
A    Journal of Environmental Economics and Management
A    Journal of Health Economics
A    Journal of Human Resources
A    Journal of Industrial Economics
A    Journal of Law and Economics
A    Journal of Law, Economics and Organization
A    Journal of Money Credit and Banking
A    Journal of Regional Science
A    Journal of Risk and Uncertainty
A    Journal of the European Economic Association
A    Journal of Urban Economics
A    Public Choice
A    Regional Science and Urban Economics
A    Review of Economic DynamicsB American Journal of Agricultural Economics
B    Annals of Regional Science
B    Applied Economics
B    Applied Health Economics and Health Policy
B    Canadian Journal of Economics
B    Constitutional Political Economy
B    Contemporary Economic Policy
B    Ecological Economics
B    Econometric Reviews
B    Econometrics Journal
B    Economic Development and Cultural Change
B    Economic History Review
B    Economic Inquiry
B    Economics and Politics - Oxford
B    Economics Letters
B    Economics of Education Review
B    Economics of Governance
B    Energy Economics
B    Energy Journal
B    Environment and Planning A
B    European Journal of Health Economics
B    European Journal of Political Economy
B    European Review of Economic History
B    Explorations in Economic History
B    Health Economics
B    Health Economics Policy and Law
B    Industrial & Labor Relations Review
B    Industrial Relations
B    International Journal of Industrial Organization
B    International Regional Science Review
B    International Rev of Law & Econ
B    International Tax and Public Finance
B    Journal of Economic Geography
B    Journal of Economic Psychology
B    Journal of Economics and Management Strategy
B    Journal of Housing Economics
B    Journal of Institutional Economics
B    Journal of International Money and Finance
B    Journal of Legal Studies
B    Journal of Macroeconomics
B    Journal of Public Economic Theory
B    Journal of Regulatory Economics
B    Journal of Sports Economics
B    Journal of the Japanese and International Economies
B    Kyklos
B    Labour Economics
B    Land EconomicsB Macroeconomic Dynamics
B    National Tax Journal
B    Oxford Economic Papers
B    Papers in Regional Science
B    Public Finance Review
B    Real Estate Economics
B    Regional Studies
B    Resource and Energy Economics
B    Review of Industrial Organization
B    Review of International Economics
B    Review of World Economics
B    Small Business Economics
B    Southern Economic Journal
B    Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics
B    Urban Studies
B    World Development
B    World Economy


A+ Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice
A+ Family Business Review
A+ Journal of Business Venturing
A Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal
A Journal of Small Business Management
A Small Business Economics
A Strategic Organization
B Entrepreneurship & Regional Development
B International Small Business Journal


A+   Journal of Finance
A+   Journal of Financial Economics
A+   Review of Financial Studies
A+   Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis
A    Journal of Risk and Uncertainty
A    Journal of Financial Intermediation
A    Mathematical Finance
A    Journal of Banking and Finance
A    Financial Management
A    Journal of Empirical Finance
A    Journal of International Money and Finance
A    Journal of Financial Econometrics
A    Journal of Corporate Finance
A    Journal of Financial Markets
A    Financial Analysts Journal
A    Journal of Financial Research
A    Review of Finance
A    Finance and Stochastics
A    Journal of Portfolio Management
A    Journal of Futures Markets
A    Emerging Markets Review
A    Journal of Risk and Insurance
A    European Financial Management
A    Journal of Financial Stability
A    Journal of Derivatives
B    Journal of Financial Services Research
B    Journal of Applied Corporate Finance
B    Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money
B    Quantitative Finance
B    Financial Review
B    Annual Review of Financial Economics
B    Journal of Business Finance and Accounting
B    Pacific-Basin Finance Journal
B    International Finance
B    International Journal of Finance and Economics
B    Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance
B    Review of Financial Economics
B    Journal of Fixed Income
B    Financial Markets, Institutions and Instruments
B    Multinational Finance Journal
B    Journal of Credit Risk
B    Journal of Multinational Financial Management
B    Journal of Risk
B    Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance Theory
B    Finance Research Letters
B    Review of Futures Markets
B    Applied Mathematical Finance
B    European Journal of Finance
B    Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting
B    Journal of Computational Finance
B    Annals of Finance
B    Journal of Asset Management
B    Journal of International Financial Management and Accounting
B    International Review of Financial Analysis
B    Applied Financial Economics
B    International Review of Finance
B    Global Finance Journal
B    Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance Issues and Practice
B    International Review of Economics and Finance
B    Journal of Investing
B    Review of Derivatives Research
B    Financial Accountability and Management
B    Journal of Behavioral Finance
B    Emerging Market Finance and Trade
B    Financial Services Review
B    Journal of Pension Economics and Finance
B    Accounting and Finance
B    Managerial Finance
B    Journal of Alternative Investments
B    Journal of Risk Finance
B    International Journal of Managerial Finance
B    Financial Markets and Portfolio Management
B    Journal of Emerging Market Finance
B    Journal of Economics and Finance
B    Journal of Wealth Management
B    Research in International Business and Finance
B    Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance
B    Public Budgeting and Finance
B    International Journal of Finance
B    Journal of Financial Planning
B    Journal of Financial Education
B    Advances in Quantitative Analysis of Finance and Accounting
B    Review of Asset Pricing Studies
B    Review of Corporate Finance Studies

Hospitality and Tourism Management

A+   Cornell Hospitality Quarterly
A+   International Journal of Hospitality Management 
A+   Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research (ICHRIE)
A+   Tourism Management 
A   International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management 
A   Journal of Service Management 
B   International Journal of Culture, Tourism, and Hospitality Research 
B   Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology 
B   Journal of Hospitality Marketing and Management 
B   Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Education


A+   Academy of Mgmt Jrnl
A+   Academy of Mgmt Review
A+   Administrative Science Quarterly
A+   Jrnl Applied Psyc
A+   Jrnl Intl Business Studies
A+   Jrnl of Mgmt
A+   Jrnl Mgmt Studies **
A+   Org Behavior & Human Decision Processes
A+   Org Science
A+   Personnel Psyc
A+   Strategic Mgmt Jrnl
A    Academy of Mgmt Learning & Education
A    Academy of Mgmt Perspective
A    Applied Psychology: An Intl Review
A    Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
A    European Jrnl of Work and Org Psyc
A    Group & Organization Mgmt
A    Human Relations
A    Human Resource Mgmt Review
A    Intl Jrnl of Mgmt Review
A    Jrnl Business Ethics
A    Jrnl Business Venturing
A    Jrnl Occupational & Org Psyc
A    Jrnl Org Behavior
A    Jrnl Vocational Behavior
A    Jrnl World of Business
A    Leadership Quarterly
A    Long Range Planning
A    Org Research Methods **
A    Org Studies
A    Research Policy
A    Strategic Entrepreneurship Jrnl
A    Technovation
B    Advanced Strategic Mgmt
B    British Jrnl of Mgmt
B    Business Ethics Quarterly
B    Career Development Quarterly
B    Decision Science
B    Employee Responsibilities and Rights Jrnl
B    Entrepreneurship and Regional Development
B    Gender, Work, & Organization
B    Group Decision & Negotiation
B    Human Performance
B    Human Resource Development Qtrly
B    Human Resource Mgmt
B    Human Resource Mgmt Journal
B    Industrial Relations
B    Intl Jrnl of Conflict Mgmt
B    Intl Jrnl of Human Resource Mgmt
B    Intl Jrnl of Manpower
B    Intl Jrnl of Selection & Assessment
B    Intl Small Business Jrnl
B    Journal Business Research
B    Jrnl Applied Behavioral Science
B    Jrnl Applied Social Psychology
B    Jrnl Behavior Decision Making
B    Jrnl Business and Psychology
B    Jrnl Career Assessment
B    Jrnl Career Development
B    Jrnl Human Resources
B    Jrnl Intl Management
B    Jrnl Knowledge Mgmt
B    Jrnl Leadership and Org Studies
B    Jrnl Managerial Psychology
B    Jrnl Mgmt Education
B    Jrnl Mgmt Inquiry
B    Jrnl Org Behavior Mgmt
B    Jrnl Org Change Mgmt
B    Jrnl Personnel Psychology
B    Jrnl Small Business Mgmt
B    Jrnl Trust Research
B    Leadership
B    Mgmt & Organization Review
B    Mgmt Decision
B    Mgmt Intl Review
B    Mgmt Learning
B    Mgmt Science
B    Negotiation Jrnl
B    Org Dynamics
B    Organization
B    Personnel Review
B    Research & Development Mgmt
B    Small Group Research

Management Information Systems (MIS)

A+   European Journal of Information Systems
A+   Information Systems Journal
A+   Information Systems Research
A+   Journal of Management Information Systems
A+   Journal of the AIS
A+   MIS Quarterly
A    ACM Transactions (all versions)
A    Communications of the ACM
A    Communications of the AIS
A    Computers and Security
A    Decision Sciences
A    Decision Support Systems
A    Electronic Commerce Research
A    IEEE Transactions (all versions)
A    Information & Management
A    Information Sciences
A    Information Systems
A    Information Systems Frontiers
A    Information Technology & Management
A    Journal of Business Ethics
A    Journal of Computer Information Systems
A    Journal of Information Technology
A    Journal of Strategic Information Systems
A    Journal of the ACM
A    Knowledge-Based Systems
A    MIS Quarterly Executive
B    ACM SIGS (all versions)
B    Behavior and Information Technology
B    Communication Research
B    Computer Decisions
B    Computers In Human Behavior
B    DATA BASE For Advances In Information Systems
B    Educational Technology and Society
B    Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries
B    Electronic Markets
B    Ethics and Information Technology
B    Expert Systems with Applications
B    Human Computer Interaction
B    IBM Systems Journal
B    Information and Organization
B    Information Research
B    Information Systems Education Journal
B    Information Systems Management
B    Information Technology & People
B    INFORMS Journal on Computing
B    Interfaces
B    International Journal of Electronic Commerce
B    International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction
B    International Journal of Human-Computer Studies
B    International Journal of Information Management
B    International Journal of Networking and Virtual Organizations
B    International Journal of Technology Management
B    Internet Research
B    Journal of Computer & System Sciences
B    Journal of Database Management
B    Journal of End-User Computing
B    Journal of Global Information Management
B    Journal of Global Information Technology Management
B    Journal of Information Science
B    Journal of Information Systems Education
B    Journal of IT Case and Application Research
B    Journal of Management Systems
B    Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce
B    Journal of Systems and Information Technology
B    Journal of Systems and Software
B    Omega
B    Software Quality Journal
B    Telecommunications Policy
B    The Information Society


A+   Journal of Consumer Research
A+   Journal of Marketing Research
A+   Journal of Marketing
A+   Marketing Science
A+   Journal of Retailing
A+   Journal of International Marketing
A+   Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
A+   Industrial Marketing Management
A+   Journal of Business Research
A    Journal of Service Research
A    European Journal of Marketing
A    Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing (The)
A    Journal of Advertising Research
A    International Journal of Research in Marketing
A    Journal of Consumer Affairs
A    Journal of Services Marketing
A    International Journal of Advertising
A    International Marketing Review
A    Journal of Interactive Marketing
A    Marketing Letters
A    Journal of Product Innovation Management
A    Managing Service Quality
A    Journal of Marketing Education
A    Journal of Consumer Psychology
A    Journal of Health Communication
A    Journal of Product and Brand Management
A    Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice
A    Journal of Consumer Marketing
A    Advances in International Marketing
B    International Journal of Sports Management and Marketing
B    The Atlantic Marketing Journal
B    International Journal of Business, Marketing and Decision Sciences
B    International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management
B    Journal of Interactive Advertising
B    Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services
B    Psychology and Marketing
B    Journal of Consumer Behaviour
B    Journal of Business to Business Marketing
B    Journal of International Marketing and Marketing
B    International Journal of Business and Public Administration
B    Journal of Global Marketing
B    Marketing Management publisher AMA
B    Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing
B    Journal of Marketing Channels
B    Services Business
B    Atlantic Marketing Journal
B    Academy of Marketing Studies Journal
B    Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing
B    Advertising and Society Review
B    International Journal of Retail & Distribution Mana
B    International Journal of Internet Marketing
B    Journal of Selling & Major Account Management
B    Journal of Food Products Marketing
B    Journal of Brand Management (The)
B    Journal of Business Marketing
B    Journal of Financial Services Marketing
B    Marketing Health Services
B    Journal of Marketing and Communications
B    Journal of Marketing Communications
B    Journal of Promotion Management
B    Journal of International Consumer Marketing
B    Journal of Strategic Marketing
B    International Review of Retail Distribution & Cons
B    Journal of Medical Marketing
B    International Journal of Technology Marketing
B    Journal of Political Marketing
B    Research in Consumer Behavior
B    International Journal of Marketing Studies
B    Journal of Applied Marketing Theory
B    Marketing Intelligence & Planning (formerly Journ)
B    Health Marketing Quarterly
B    Services Marketing Quarterly (formerly Journal of)
B    Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management
B    Journal of Hospital Marketing and Public Relations
B    Journal of Management and Marketing in Healthcare
B    Journal of Market-Focused Management
B    Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development
B    Qualitative Market Research

Supply Chain Management

A+   International Journal Prod. Research
A+   Journal of Operations Management
A+   Journal Supply Chain Management
A+   Journal of Business Logistics
A+   Man. Service Ops. Management
A+   Management Science
A+   Production and Ops. Management 
A+   Transportation Research Part E
A+   Transportation Science
A    Decision Sciences
A    European J. of Operational Research
A    Interfaces
A    Int. J. Physical Distribution & Log.
A    Int. J. Production and Ops. Mgnt
A    Int. Journal of Log. Management
A    Int. J. Production Economics.
A    J of Purchasing and Supply Mgnt
A    Naval Research
A    Operations Research 
A    Operations Mgt Research
A    Supply Chain Manag: Int. Journal
A    Transportation Journal

College Strategic Areas of Interest

Forensic Accounting - Journal of Forensic & Investigative Accounting

Energy Economics - Journal of Environmental Economics and Management
Free-Market Economics - Public Choice
Health Economics - Journal of Health Economics

Energy Finance - Forthcoming

International - Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS)

Marketing Sales - Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management
Public Policy - Journal of Public Policy & Marketing