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Please contact Professor Douglas (B&E Rm. 416, Phone: 293-7863, E-mail: for specific questions about your Registration not covered below.

Before you register you must clear with Professor Douglas any intended deviations from the regular course sequence. The regular course sequences for the Ph.D. and M.A. programs in Economics are described in the WVU Graduate Catalog or under  Plan of Study . If you have doubts about which courses to register for, or under which grading option, you must contact Professor Douglas.

You may register on the web (For instructions see ). You do not need a signature.

Comments on registration for special courses:

  • Spatial Econometrics (ECON 729):  You may count spatial econometrics as an elective course. You are allowed to take spatial econometrics ahead of taking time series econometrics (Econ 727), however, you must then still take Econ 727 in the following year.
  • Registration for  Independent Study (Econ 795) requires prior consent of the faculty member you will be working with on this course. You must fill out a  "contract" form that outlines the intended outcomes for the independent study.   This form must be signed by you and the supervising faculty member and must be in the hands of Professor Douglas before the start of the semester. The grading option must be "normal" (option 2 in STAR) for this course; the number of credits is three. Normally you will sign up for Econ 795 in the fall semester of your third year.
  • To register for  Independent Research ( Econ 797) you must have: (a) a dissertation topic, and (b) a dissertation advisor, and (c) you must have passed all comprehensive exams. The grading option is S/U for this course. Note that, you must select the "normal" grading option in STAR to enable the S/U option.
  • Full-time Ph.D. students must sign up for  Research Design and Methodology (Econ 709) every semester after the second year. The grading option is S/U (choose the "normal" grading option in STAR); the number of credits is one.
  • A typical full-time Ph.D. student working on the dissertation must sign up for eight credits of Econ 797 and one credit of Econ 709.