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B&E Ambassadors

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  • Maria Carbone

    Marketing Junior from Inwood, West Virginia

    "Join a new group! It's a great way for you to branch out from your friends, and connect with students who share some of the same interests that you do."

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  • Kaitlyn Cline

    Accounting and Finance Sophomore from Charleston, West Virginia

    "Refer to your syllabus to make sure you have completed assignments on time and to know when an exam is!"

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  • David Crowe

    Accounting Junior from Dawson, West Virginia

    "Do not be intimidated by the size of this campus. There are many opportunities at WVU, and sometimes that can be overwhelming. My advice is that in whatever you pursue, own it. Go forth with little regard to the scope of this campus. After all, you are here to open yourself up to more opportunities, and this campus is just one more tool at your disposal."

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  • Khufu Edwards

    Finance junior from Washington, D.C.

    "Please take the time to formulate your own opinions of people and how YOU feel about the the social climate on campus. Take heed to certain pieces of advice but ultimately, college is what you make it." 

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  • Katie Elassar

    Global Supply Chain Management Senior from Long Beach Island, New Jersey

    "Buy a planner asap, it will be your best friend!"

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  • Avery Gunter

    Accounting and Finance Junior from Winston-Salem, North Carolina

    "The best thing that you can do for yourself at WVU is to get involved. There are so many opportunities both socially and academically for you to better yourself as a person and to create a real tie to your community. Don't coast through undergrad to end up wishing you'd done more."

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  • Sara Hatfield

    Business Management Junior from Media, Pennsylvania

    "Take advantage of your time in the dorm, get involved while you’re here and enjoy the experience. Let country roads take me home."

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  • Madison Hearn

    Marketing Senior from Houston, Texas

    "Don’t skip class! It’s very easy to fall behind and miss something important if you skip. Plus, in smaller classes your professors will definitely notice if you aren’t showing up."

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  • Khadidja I Diouf

    Global Supply Chain Management sophomore from dayton, Ohio

    "The advice that I would give to an incoming freshman is, it's better to be great at one thing whether than to be okay at a lot of things. So, don't spread yourself too thin."

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  • Victoria Johnson

    Management Junior from Ashburn, Virginia

    "My number one piece of advice I have for students is to get your work done before you do anything else. During your college years, there will be A LOT of things that will compete for your time. Part of the whole 'college experience' is having a social life and enjoying your time; however, if you don’t get your priorities in check, you won’t be in college long enough to enjoy the social aspect of it."

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  • Ross Koch


    "Do not be afraid to stray from your comfort zone or ask for help when you need it. Also introduce yourself to professors and go to office hours."

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  • Nick Kopp


    "The best advice I can give to incoming students is to not be anxious to meet new people. Do not hesitate to ask fellow students or professors questions if you do not understand. Someone will usually have the same questions as you do. Be willing to put yourself out there. Always walk confident and have a smile on your face as people will begin to realize you and want to surround themselves with you."

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  • Audrey Loh

    Finance Senior from Singapore, Singapore

    "Join organizations and socialize!  Getting involved on campus is a good way to expand your social circle beyond just friends from high school. It also allows you to broaden your horizons when it comes to networking and exploring new interests."

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  • Katie Lyter

    Economics and International Business Senior from Buffalo, New York

    "A short bit of advice for incoming students Do something that scares you. It will challenge you to get outside your comfort zone, grow, and will probably end up changing your life."

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  • Emily Mathess

    Accounting Sophomore from Morgantown, West Virginia

    "Be sure to get involved! Find groups you relate to and people to connect with."

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  • Maria Miller

    Accounting Junior from Wheeling, West Virginia

    "A short bit of advice for incoming students: Try new things and explore! A lot of my friends that I have met in college are a result of me trying a new club or taking a trip.  Don't be afraid to do something a little out of your comfort zone.  Make friends with your fellow classmates because its always nice to have class with a familiar face."

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  • Tyler Myatt


    "The best advice I can give to incoming students (Besides joining the college of B&E of course) is to get enough sleep and to stay on top of your work. Even one day of putting off work can put you in a hole that's hard to get out of, so it's better to not get into the situation."

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  • Shannon O'Leary

    JUNIOR From Wheeling, West Virginia

    "My advice for incoming students is to get involved in different clubs/activities in things that interest you! Meeting new people with the same interests is one of the best parts about WVU. There is something for everyone!"

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  • Federico Perez-Munoz

    Accounting and Finance sophomore from Bogota, Colombia

    "Develop self-awareness and arouse within themselves a desire to learn above average. These two basic skills are key to succeed in school and life."

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  • Haley Pestle

    Accounting and Finance Sophomore from Syracuse, New York

    "Put yourself out there and get involved with as many student organizations as possible. This is how you will make friends and get through the initial transition into college."

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  • Amy Toscano

    Global Supply Chain Management Junior from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

    "Make sure to get involved and try new things."

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  • Heather Vallandingham

    Finance Senior from White Sulphur springs, West Virginia

    "Don’t be afraid. Make friends, take risks, try new things, and enjoy college. West Virginia University gives students numerous opportunities to serve and grow into the individuals they want to be. All it takes is a chance. A chance to stand out and network with people whether that’s with other students, faculty, or employers. WVU may be considered a party school but you’ll find your group and click with them. Join student organizations, sororities/fraternities, clubs, or a sports team. I guarantee you won’t regret it because these years will be the best years of your life before the real world begins. So take a step forward into your future and make the best out of being a Mountaineer!"

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  • Neeraj Vasnani

    Marketing Senior from Lagos, Nigeria

    "I would like to advise incoming students to make full use of the facilities this university offers and provides and not to be afraid to explore their choices and options in academics."

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  • Kristi Warner

    Accounting Junior from Martinsburg, West Virginia

    "Look over your notes everyday after class"

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  • Dakota Wolfe

    Management Information Systems Sophomore from Auburn, West Virginia

    "Never be afraid to make new friends, or to step outside your comfort zone to try new things."

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  • Samantha Wood

    Marketing Senior from Morgantown, West Virginia

    "Go introduce yourself to your professors. Forming a relationship with them early produces so many benefits down the road."

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