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Through the Stuart M. and Joyce N. Robbins Center for Global Business and Strategy, the WVU John Chambers College of Business and Economics has formed relationships with accredited business schools in the G-20 countries to provide study abroad and exchange programs for students and faculty.

Why should I consider study Abroad?

Studying in another country and culture is the best way to gain knowledge of that place.

  • Learn the nuances of cultural norms, expectations and perspectives
  • Compare new experiences with those at home
  • Learn a new language or perfect language skills
  • Enrich your academic background by taking courses not available at home, or by learning through another country’s approach to education
  • Gain a competitive edge in the international marketplace
  • Enhance coping skills, flexibility and ability to deal with stress and ambiguity
  • Show that you’re able to go beyond your personal comfort zone and that you aren’t afraid to be challenged
  • Learn more about yourself than you ever imagined

Can I afford to study abroad?

Yes! Most study abroad programs cost the equivalent of tuition at WVU, and you can use scholarships or federal aid. Scholarships are available for each trip.

WVU exchanges are designed so that the students pay their regular tuition to WVU, then trade places with a student at a partner university. You pay tuition and fees directly to WVU, and your housing and meal plan is paid directly to WVU or to your designated exchange university depending upon our agreement (see Students who qualify for federal aid, student loans, and WVU scholarships may use these funds toward the cost of their program. In addition, the WV PROMISE Scholars and WV Higher Education Grant Recipients may be eligible to use these funds toward the cost of these programs.

Other sources of support may be explored at WVU Office of International Programs. Costs for affiliate programs may differ from WVU exchange programs.

Program Types

  • Exchange: These programs cover a majority of the semester length programs. In these programs a student generally will be enrolling at a foreign institution and taking courses offered there, then transferring the credits back to WVU. Most students will take part as an individual, not as part of a group.
  • Faculty-led: These programs range from one week to a full semester, with the majority lasting 3-4 weeks in the summer term. In these programs students are generally enrolled in WVU courses taught or overseen by WVU faculty members. Usually students will travel as part of a group of WVU students and be led by a WVU faculty member.
  • Affiliate: These programs cover a wide range of options offered by third-party companies affiliated with WVU. Credits earned on these programs will be issued by either a foreign or domestic institution, then transferred to WVU.

AACSB Partner Schools

Students must transfer courses from AACSB accredited institutions. A business course will not meet degree requirements unless it comes from and accredited school.
  • Australia: Bond University (Exchange)
  • Belgium: University of Antwerp (Exchange)
  • China: Nanjing University (Exchange)
  • Denmark: Aarhus University (Exchange)
  • France EM Strasbourg Faculty-led
  • Hong Kong: Hong Kong Baptist University (Exchange)*
  • Hong Kong: Lingnan University (Exchange)
  • Slovenia: Univerza Ljubljana (Exchange)
  • South Africa: Stellenbosch University (Exchange)*
  • South Korea: Korea University (Exchange)
  • Taiwan: Ming Chuan University (Exchange)
  • United Kingdom, Wales: Cardiff University (Exchange)
  • United Kingdom: University of Hull (Exchange)
  • United Kingdom, England: University of Kent (Exchange)*

*Summer school programming available

  • South Africa: International Summer Program at Stellenbosch University
  • Hong Kong: Hong Kong Baptist University Summer Programme
  • University of Kent Summer Schools

WVU Office Of Global Affairs

All WVU students (graduate, undergraduate, and professional) must register with the  Office of Global Affairs before traveling internationally on university related activities. OIP personnel will assist you in planning all aspects of your international experience, including such things as required insurance, passports, visas, health preparedness, and academic credits. Please be aware that if you are traveling for academic credit and you fail to register with this office, you will be denied credit upon your return to WVU.