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The CFE advances teaching, research, and outreach regarding the free enterprise system and its effects on prosperity and quality of life. It accomplishes these goals in a variety of ways.

The CFE regularly sponsors public lectures. These lectures are well attended and given by some of the most influential thinkers in the field. Some of our recent speakers have included: Ed Glaeser (Harvard), Sean Mulholland (Stonehill College), Alexei Marcoux (Creighton University), Jason Brennan (Georgetown), Dan D'Amico (Brown University), James Copeland (Manhattan Institute), Jacob Vigdor (University of Washington), Dean Karlan (Yale University), Dick Carpenter (Institute for Justice) and Todd Zywicki (George Mason University School of Law.)

Moreover, to further facilitate faculty and student research consistent with the Center’s mission, the CFE runs a regular lunchtime “brown bag” workshop presentation. These seminars consist of early stage research papers by CFE faculty, graduate students, and short-term visitors.

In addition, the Center runs a regular reading group for graduate students in economics. Each week an important contemporary or classic paper or book is assigned to students and faculty to read. The primary goal of the reading group is for graduate students to learn and reflect on core papers and ideas that touch upon the Center’s mission but which they are unlikely to encounter during their normal graduate studies.

Plus, during the past year (2016) CFE faculty and graduate students had 27 articles appear in peer-reviewed economics journals and books.

Due to these efforts, the CFE has been remarkably successful in placing its graduate students. Although the Center officially began in 2014, it has been active for approximately a decade. During that time, we have successfully placed: Danko Tarabar (2017,Winthrop University),  Chris Yencha (2017, Weber State University),  Jamie Bologna (2016, Texas Tech University), Maria Tackett (2016, Gonzaga University), Kaitlyn R. Harger (2015, Florida Gulf Coast University), Kathleen M. Sheehan (2014, Creighton University), Travis Wiseman (2013, Mississippi State University), John Dove (2012, Troy University), Adam Hoffer (2012, UW-La Crosse), Nabamita Dutta (2009, UW-La Crosse),  Claudia R. Williamson (2008, Mississippi State University), Gregory Randolph (2007, Southern New Hampshire University), Pavel Yakovlev (2006, Duquesne University), Kerry King-Adzima (2005, Penn State University at Erie) and Todd Nesbit (2005, Ball State).

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