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Living Learning Community

Climb LLC

Connect. Lead. Innovate. Motivate. Belong.

What if your collegiate experience could include living in a supportive environment where business students can grow as friends and professionals within a social and academic community? Can you imagine what it would be like as a business student to have support services like tutoring, academic advising and career preparation? Imagine no longer. WVU’s John Chambers College of Business and Economics invites you to Climb the Summit, where you can develop life skills that are important in the world of business. You can apply knowledge you gain from your business classes in the experiential opportunity you choose. Through your campus involvement, you can create your own network of fellow students, business school faculty and staff, and other business professionals.

There’s plenty of room at the top and we're going to help you get there. Climb the Summit.


The Climb LLC provides a supportive living environment where business students will grow as friends and professionals within an academic and social community.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize the support services available to B&E students such as tutoring, career preparation and academic advising.

  • Develop life skills that are of particular importance to aspiring business professionals.

  • Apply knowledge from entry level business classes in an experiential capacity.

  • Create a network of fellow students, College faculty and staff, and other professionals through campus involvement.