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Let's Talk Business: One Goal, One Passion – Living in CLIMB 

Micah Reed, retention specialist, explains how Chambers students don't just learn business: they live it.

Are you looking to connect with students who share your academic discipline outside of the classroom?  

If the answer is yes, then the Business Living Learning Community (LCC) CLIMB is the place for you. The CLIMB LLC will provide you with an opportunity to live and learn among other undergraduate first year students who are also business majors. 

Your college experience will be shaped by the community you choose to live in. I’ll never forget my own experience living in an LLC for education majors during my time as an undergraduate. I had the chance to live and take classes with 40 other students who shared a common field of study and career goals. 

The CLIMB LLC, just like the education LLC I was a part of, offers an optimal residential learning experience for students to get connected with other peers in the business school, along with Chambers faculty and staff. Participation in CLIMB will help you develop and strengthen your critical thinking skills and build lifelong friendships, because CLIMB is where residence life and academics converge to support student learning. 

There are endless reasons to live in CLIMB. However, these four reasons ring true with past CLIMBers: 

Getting to know your peers quickly. It can be a scary experience being a first-year student, moving away from home and living with people you may not know. It can also be difficult to reach your full academic potential in your first year without a solid support system. This may be your first time away from home, and in the Chambers College, we want it to be one of your best living experiences. Through living in CLIMB, you will feel a sense of belonging among your peers and resident assistants. 

Academic Success. What you learn in the classroom is reinforced in the CLIMB LLC. CLIMB offers targeted programming that connects what is learned in the classroom. All CLIMB students have a chance to take an LLC-specific version of our first-year seminar with their peers. You also have access to in-hall tutoring for Accounting 201 and 202 and Economics 201 and 202. 

Programming. Extracurricular programs are scheduled routinely throughout the semester, including HIIT training, in-hall advising and guest speakers who are business leaders.  

Mentorship & Professional Development. You will be mentored by Residence Life student staff and Chambers faculty and staff who are invested in the same aspects of business that you are. They’ll be there to help you network and navigate your collegiate journey. 

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Micah Reed
Retention Specialist

"Let's Talk Business" is a series of guest blogs written by members of the Chambers College community. All views expressed in this post are the author's own.

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