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New assistant dean transforms B&E undergrad programs and advising

assistant dean presenting

Between retirements, promotions and other changes, the WVU College of Business and Economics has said farewell to some B&E staples over the past few years. But with bittersweet goodbyes, new doors open for fresh hellos.

WVU business students’ creativity cultivated through board game development project

When Dr. Jody Crosno, an associate professor of marketing and the marketing Ph.D. coordinator at the WVU College of Business and Economics, found out that board game sales experienced double-digit growth between 2010 and 2015, the idea lightbulb appeared above her head. She capitalized on the trend and brought the concept into her Marketing 350: Product and Price Policies course with a hands-on, student project.

Marketing 350 students were tasked with developing a new board game targeted to the 6-9 age range that focused on current trends in the board game industry. They had to research the current trends, develop a new game concept to be play tested by families with children in the target age group in the Morgantown area, revise the product based on feedback and present the final product at a trade show.