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Four finalists to compete in Saturday’s Mountaineer Mascot cheer-off

Four students who are eager to represent West Virginia University as the 68th Mountaineer Mascot will compete in a cheer-off during the men’s basketball game vs. Texas at 2 p.m. Saturday (Feb. 26) in the WVU Coliseum.

Selected by a committee of faculty, staff and students based on an essay and interview, the four finalists vying for the 2022-23 title will be judged on their performances and interaction with the crowd as they lead traditional game day cheers.

WVU announces $40M partnership to expand economics education through innovative Chambers College programs

A leadership gift to West Virginia University from longtime supporters Ken and Randy Kendrick will allow the John Chambers College of Business and Economics to transform economics education through innovative programs for high-schoolers and educators statewide via the new Kendrick Center for an Ethical Economy.

The $40 million partnership with the Kendricks complements broader efforts to make WVU a purpose-driven leader in higher education. Over the next 10 years, WVU will dedicate approximately $20 million – including repurposed funds, in-kind support and new investments – to the project, while the Kendricks will contribute $20 million over that same time period, making their commitment one of the largest gifts in the history of the Chambers College.

It is All About You!

I chuckle when I hear from others that they could never ask someone for money, or that my job is difficult.

Whether I am at the college or out with a donor, I spend my days with people who want to make our world, our state, and individual lives better. I operate in a sacred space that brings together the people who want to use their resources to positively impact others and the boots on the ground doing that good work. 

Six Students Get a First Look at Reynolds Hall

Six business students at West Virginia University's John Chambers College of Business and Economics will one day be able to tell their grandkids that they were one of the first students to get a first look inside of Reynolds Hall. 

Our new building will enhance the educational and teaching model, and significantly enhance the student experience. 

Real-world experience in virtual safety gives students cybersecurity skills via Department of Defense partnership

At a U.S. Army base command center, a computer beeps and displays a warning: the power has gone down in one corner of the base. Cybersecurity experts jump into action. They ensure critical systems are on backup generators as they search for the reason for the outage. One of them points to her screen and calls out that the power grid’s information system has been compromised—a cyber attack is likely underway.

Their professor applauds.