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Chambers College Graduates: a Reason to Celebrate

There is something special about December Commencement.  

The holiday season is in the air and everything our students have worked for comes down to this moment: graduation.

Continuing the Momentum: Chambers College Top Moments of 2021

2021 brought us back to campus and the classroom as we continued to support our mission to serve our students and state (safely) through the unpredictable track of COVID-19. The Chambers College team pressed forward with adaptability, acquiring new initiatives for the future and preparing for a changed world that will require us to innovate and adapt on our feet.

Here are a few of our proudest moments.

A Holiday Message from Dean Hall

Dear Chambers College Students, Faculty, Staff, and Friends:

As the end of 2021 approaches, I want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for every one of you as a person and for what you bring to the John Chambers College of Business and Economics community.

A Look into Reynolds Hall

The Fall 2021 semester may be behind us, but that means we are one step closer to the completion of our new building. 

Reynolds Hall will be complete in April 2022 and ready to host its first classes for Mountaineers in Fall 2022.

Cha-ching: Accounting students help find new ways to look at state data

Every year in West Virginia, state employees generate between four and five million financial transactions. That’s a credit card swipe or a cash register ding every 7.5 seconds, helping everything from school boards to municipal waste authorities do their jobs.

Occasionally, one of those purchases isn’t serving West Virginians as intended—and that’s where the State Auditor’s Office comes in.