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Healthy Business: Chambers Student Finds New Path to Medicine

The world of business takes all kinds – and it makes all kinds too. Graduates of the Chambers College become lawyers, educators, politicians, activists and more.

When he graduates, Rahat Arefy is going to become a doctor.

Let's Talk Business: Empowering Educators for Financial Literacy

In a world where financial decisions shape the course of our lives, fostering financial literacy from an early age is extremely important.  

For the past two decades, Finance University has been at the forefront of equipping K-12 educators across West Virginia with essential financial literacy knowledge to impart to their students. Hosted annually by WVU’s Center for Financial Literacy and Education (CFLE), the generous sponsorship of PRA Group helps fund this valuable educational initiative. 

Let's Talk Business: Three Reasons to Study Finance

There are a lot of majors in the Chambers College, but Finance is arguably the coolest. (Though maybe I’m just biased because I’m majoring in it.) Let me explain why!

You might think that a career in finance means working as an investment banker on Wall Street, but there are many different paths you can take.