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Let's Talk Business: Leading Through Service

In West Virginia, one in nine adults face hunger, while the same statistic for children is even higher at one in seven.

Considering this information, the Chambers College’s MBA program service group felt that we would have the greatest impact on our community by assisting Pantry Plus More in their mission to supply families in need with basic daily necessities and school supplies.

Chambers Wrapped

The holidays are here, and it’s time to unwrap a year filled with milestones, achievements and impactful moments that have shaped the Chambers College community. Join us in celebrating the hard work of our business students, the unwavering support of our alumni, and the dedication of our faculty and staff. 

Fall 2023 Department Digest

Every semester brings new opportunities and possibilities – and that means new research and publications. Read up on what our faculty and staff have been up to this past semester.

New paths are always emerging in business – and in business education, embracing them gives us an edge. John Saldanha, Sears Chair in Global Supply Chain Management and director of the Wehrle Global Supply Chain Lab, wrote for AACSB, the Chambers College’s accrediting body, about the pros and cons of incorporating VR technology into the classroom.

Winter 2023 Graduation: A New Generation of Business Professionals

Another December has come, and another class of business students is going forth to change the world.

On Saturday, December 16, 272 students graduated from the Chambers College, 164 of them undergraduates and 108 of them graduate students. They will go on to work at Big Four accounting firms, nonprofits, government agencies. Some will continue their educations; others will focus on building careers.