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Mind Over Mountains: Chambers Student Helps Others Find Purpose

Every WVU student is different, and between their first class and their graduation, they all walk a different path. A new week can present a new assignment, an unforeseen complication, an unexpected challenge – and not all of them are easily surmountable.

The Chambers College has many resources to help students through those trying times, such as the Becker AeSC and a fully-staffed Advising office. It also has a graduate assistant with a background in psychology who focuses exclusively on helping students overcome those obstacles. His name is Ryan Slaughter.

Q&A with Haley Wiseman

Originally from Elkview, West Virginia – about 15 minutes outside of Charleston – Haley Wiseman was attracted to the online MS Human Resources Leadership program because of the flexibility it offered.

Hear more about Wiseman’s experiences and why she would recommend the program to anyone hoping to continue their education while also maintaining a work-life balance.  

Interested in Becoming More Involved Within the Chambers College?

Being involved in student leadership during college can be a rewarding experience not only for your professional career but also for your social life. Here at the Chambers College, there are three ways for you to lead – as a Neidermeyer Scholar, Chambers Ambassador and Peer Mentor. Each of these programs offers a unique experience that can develop your professional and personal skills while helping others in the Chambers College.

The Neidermeyer Scholar Program is a peer-to-peer tutoring system designed to help students succeed academically. Neidermeyer Scholars have a time commitment of 15 hours per semester, meeting once or twice a month for training and professional development. Being a Neidermeyer Scholar can grant you valuable leadership skills, networking opportunities and a deeper understanding of course material.

Let's Talk Business: Setting Yourself Up for Professional Success

Life in the “real world” post-college lingers in the back of every student’s mind. This blog post provides a few pieces of advice on how to set yourself up for professional success. As a graduate student, I utilize the following tips on a daily basis and encourage you to implement them in your life as well!