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Interested in Becoming More Involved in the Chambers College?

Student leadership can set you apart from the crowd, and the Chambers College has three great ways for you to stand out.

Being involved in student leadership during college can be a rewarding experience not only for your professional career but also for your social life. Here at the Chambers College, there are three ways for you to lead – as a Neidermeyer Scholar, Chambers Ambassador and Peer Mentor. Each of these programs offers a unique experience that can develop your professional and personal skills while helping others in the Chambers College.

The Neidermeyer Scholar Program is a peer-to-peer tutoring system designed to help students succeed academically. Neidermeyer Scholars have a time commitment of 15 hours per semester, meeting once or twice a month for training and professional development. Being a Neidermeyer Scholar can grant you valuable leadership skills, networking opportunities and a deeper understanding of course material.

Chambers Ambassadors assist with the recruitment and retention of students in the Chambers College. As a Chambers Ambassador, you can take part in important events like Decide and Discover WVU by providing tours of Reynolds Hall and participating in info sessions for prospective students. In addition to your work with current and future students, you'll also get to participate in special events like having dinner with our Dean. If you become a Chambers Ambassador, you can sharpen your communication and networking skills while representing your college and having fun in the process.

The Peer Mentor Program is a one-credit course that will give you the opportunity to help first year students adjust to college life. Peer Mentors lead students throughout the semester, providing personal support by meeting with them one-on-one. This program will allow you to develop strong interpersonal skills and build meaningful relationships with your mentees.

If you want to be a student leader, all of these programs offer unique opportunities for you to grow both personally and professionally. Whichever one you participate in – even if you participate in all three – you'll get a unique experience that will empower you to contribute positively to your college community while acquiring valuable competencies that will serve you well in your career.

AUTHOR: Cameron Thompson 10/05/23

CONTACT: Andrew Marvin
Multimedia Specialist
John Chambers College of Business and Economics, Strategic Communications

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