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Marketing professor’s research efforts transform our e-commerce consumer world

Stephen He’s childhood dream was to be a scientist and today, as an assistant professor of marketing at the West Virginia University College of Business and Economics, he has made that dream come true. As a researcher with work in top marketing journals in the marketing field, He is pushing the boundaries of the field with his cutting-edge research and creating value for human knowledge.

He was born and raised in the metropolis of Shanghai, China. When he moved to the United States after earning an undergraduate degree in business administration at Fudan University in Shanghai, the digital marketing guru landed in another populous area, Atlanta, Georgia. And after earning his Ph.D. at the Georgia Institute for Technology, he took off for the Big Apple to start his career in academia at Manhattan College in Riverdale, New York. 

B&E’s 2017 new freshman enrollment sees significant jump over last year

In a time when national trends have seen dips in college-going students, universities and colleges — and business schools — across the country have felt that shockwave.

But thanks to an assertive philosophy and some changes in undergraduate recruiting policies, the WVU College of Business and Economics experienced a substantial uptick in new freshmen for the start of the Fall 2017 semester.

B&E hits new landmark records for social media

Social media is an integral part of the communications plan for the WVU College of Business and Economics, and that commitment to engagement with critical audiences has fueled two new landmark records for the business school.

On August 15, B&E’s @wvucobe Twitter account topped 5,000 followers, a major milestone for the College. In late spring, B&E also surpassed 1,000 followers on Instagram.