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Let's Talk Business: Busting Three Myths About the Hospitality Industry

A career in the hospitality industry isn't limited to lodging and restaurant space; it includes all aspects of travel and tourism, event management, theme parks, outdoor recreation, gaming and entertainment. Wherever there is customer service, there is a need for hospitality training.

However, hospitality is also subject to myths and misconceptions that might make you wonder whether studying it is a good choice. Let’s clear some of those up.

Let's Talk Business: The Five Things You Should Know as a First-Year Business Student

Coming to a large school can be intimidating, but the John Chambers College of Business and Economics has the best resources to make you truly feel at home! Let’s chat (and keep it real) about the five things to know so that you get the most out of your Chambers College experience.

Kayla Guyton
Chambers College Student
Management Information Systems and Marketing