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Q&A with Haley Wiseman

Online MS Human Resources Leadership 

Originally from Elkview, West Virginia – about 15 minutes outside of Charleston – Haley Wiseman was attracted to the online MS Human Resources Leadership program because of the flexibility it offered. 

Originally from Elkview, West Virginia – about 15 minutes outside of Charleston – Haley Wiseman was attracted to the online MS Human Resources Leadership program because of the flexibility it offered.

Hear more about Wiseman’s experiences and why she would recommend the program to anyone hoping to continue their education while also maintaining a work-life balance.  

Q: Why did you choose the Online MS Human Resources Leadership graduate program at WVU?

A: It was appealing to me because it aligned with my current work for a labor and employment law firm in Charleston. I was also intrigued by the fact that it was built to complete while working full-time. I have a son who is three years old, so leaving the workforce to complete a graduate degree was not really an option for me. Having the opportunity to earn a graduate degree while maintaining a full-time job so that I was still able to support my son was important. 

This program not only allowed me to fulfill my goal without having to sacrifice my career and income, but also allowed me to pursue a degree in a field that I love.

Q: What has your experience been with online learning?

A: My experience with online learning has been wonderful, but also challenging at times. Learning to balance being a parent, working full-time, and being a student can sometimes feel overwhelming.

However, every professor I've had has been very supportive. My professors and classmates have created an environment of psychological safety where we can comfortably share ideas, questions, concerns and experiences. This program has also allowed me to develop friendships in which we support each other and share our struggles and celebrate our wins. Even though classes take place online, I feel I have genuinely connected with my classmates and professors.

This program is unique in that we are all working professionals and we all have the opportunity to share our individual work experiences with each other. This opportunity to learn about how the content of the courses is applied in different work environments and roles has been very valuable. I am gaining significant knowledge in the field of human resources and leadership while also learning about the experiences of my classmates, and even professors, in their careers and how the topics and ideas from our courses are relevant in an array of different professional roles and settings.

Q: How have your professors influenced your learning?

A: Every class I have taken has influenced how I think about business and how it is applied in the real world. Dr. Zeni’s ethics course was extremely interesting to me as I work in the legal field. His class positively challenged and influenced my understanding of ethics and law and provided me with a new framework for considering both ethics and law in business decisions. 

Dr. Dawley’s strategy course was such a fun learning experience as I had the ability to work in a team with two others through a simulation where we operated our own company and competed with other teams in the class. This course provided me with a great deal of knowledge about business strategy with the opportunity to apply the course concepts to the simulation.  

Dr. Follmer’s Performance Management course has significantly influenced the way in which I think of measuring performance. It was one of my favorites, and it also prepared me for other courses in this program. 

Dr. Dennis’ Training and Development course influenced my understanding of how the information I have learned throughout this entire program translates into my career. Her willingness to share her work experiences was also extremely helpful. Her course helped me to see “the bigger picture” of how course topics show up in the real world. 

Q: How has this program advanced your career? 

A: This program has significantly helped me progress in my career. For the past three years I worked as a Legal Secretary and HR Specialist for a Labor and Employment Law Firm. Upon graduating from this program, I accepted a position with Spilman Thomas & Battle, where I assist with Labor and Employment law. This program has provided me with the knowledge to excel in my work and to assist in navigating client issues at hand.

Q: What advice would you have for a student thinking about the MS HRL whether right out of college or years later? 

A: If they have some work experience in the human resources field or a related field, and they liked working in that field, they should pursue this program. It provides skills and knowledge that advances current careers and prepares individuals for leadership roles. In my opinion, this program is worth it for any person who enjoys working in Human Resources or a related field and has a desire to advance their career and/or take on a leadership role. 

Q: How do you hope to change the future of business? 

A: I hope to change the future of business by helping other leaders navigate employment-related matters and prepare the workforces of various organizations to fulfill their organizations' needs efficiently and legally, which will help them build and maintain competitive advantage.

Learn more about our Online Master’s in Human Resource Leadership (HRL) program here and apply today. 

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